Sponsored Webinars

Reach out to the IDSA database with a webinar / webcast.  We’ll host and promote it, and you’ll provide the content.

Sponsoring company leads a presentation virtually using IDSA’s Go-To-Webinar Service. IDSA promotes webinar and attendees register and tap in at the appropriate time. IDSA will record the presentation and place the content on the IDSA website.

IDSA agrees to

  • Promote the webinar in IDSA’s weekly designBytes email and on the IDSA website.
  • List the seminar on IDSA’s online calendar
  • Send out one broadcast e-mail, specifically promoting the event
  • Provide sponsor with the list of webinar registrants upon request
  • Include up to three questions on sponsors choosing on the registration form
  • Put a contact me option on the registration form and turn over to Sponsor all contact information collected, including phone numbers, for those opting in
  • Host the webinar using Go-To-Webinar
  • Record the webinar and post it on the IDSA website for a minimum of one year

Sponsor agrees to

  • Provide the presenters and webinar content
  • Provide IDSA with content information that can be used in promotion two weeks prior
  • Sponsor’s speakers agree to participate in a short test webinar a day or two prior to the scheduled event, to ensure familiarity and comfort with the Go-To-Webinar software