Pragmatic Sustainable Design for Product Designers | TURPAULT and MEIJER

Workshop Title:
Pragmatic Sustainable Design for Product Designers

The ability to integrate environmental performance measurements and sustainability goals into your design is a task that is becoming more the norm. Mathieu Turpault of Bresslergroup will show you how he has been integrating ecodesign strategies in various stages in the design process at the Bresslergroup. He will show you an example of an actual project with an overview of considered and applied ecodesign strategies. Joep Meijer of Sustainable Minds will introduce the concept of the ecodesign strategy wheel to frame the discussion, and will take you through a couple of hands on exercises using Sustainable Minds software. If you want to start to model ecodesign strategies and achieve credible guidance during your design process, then come join us for a workshop where we show you that ecodesign can be pragmatic, actionable and deliver credible greener products.

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