Patrick Phillips

Patrick Phillips
Founder and CEO

Patrick Phillips is founder and CEO of HereLab, an applied Internet of Things (IoT) product and service design consultancy that focuses on innovative hardware and social impact design, which helps businesses and municipalities understand, better relate to and manage built and natural environments. As a consultancy, HereLab is committed equally to business and social transformation.

Sensor-Driven Design Workshop

Looking beyond the “thingness” of IoT, we ask, what does it mean to be connected to the data-driven aspects of our world? What kinds of questions can be answered through sensor-driven design?

Tellart—an experience design firm focused on Interactive products, installations and exhibitions that explore novel ways for engaging with the world—teams up with Herelab—an IoT products and services company helping people know, measure and manage environments through remote sensors—to lead this workshop exploring civic impact through sensor-driven design.