Ellon discourages the use of disposable utensils in public dining situations. It limits access to the disposable utensils on the left side, highlights the reusable silverware in the middle and draws attention to the utensil washing device, which is suitable for both the provided silverware and self-carried ones.

Designed by: Xiaoyong Wang and Jie Qian of Pratt Institute

Contact: wxy7788@gmail.comhttps://www.behance.net/gallery/59714243/ellon


Most people have lost small items such as hair bands, coins, clips and rings inside a vacuum cleaner. DON'T FORGET prevents such inconveniences with its easy detachment feature. The mesh-like material captures small items, preventing them from getting sucked in.

Designed by: Him Chan Jang and Ho Jin Lee of Jeonju University

Contact: uninno3489@gmail.com

Bone Marrow Puncture Needle

Utilizing the spiral knob rotation to detect the depth of the bone marrow along with the soft silicone, the Bone Marrow Puncture Needle creates a better and can improve the success of bone marrow punctures.

Designed by: Lin Wang, IDSA, and Minghui Zhu of Sanming University

Contact: 413661732@qq.com

Blue: Clean Water Acquisition System

Blue is a clean water acquisition system designed for users living in disaster zones. The system consists of a 5-gallon water container that houses a mounted cavitation purification pump, hose container strap and transferal mechanism, and an 8-foot-by-8-foot rain collection tarp that transfers collected water to the main container through a hose.

Designed by: Riley Kolbow, Aubrey Richardson, Alex Short and Nicholas Schneider of Iowa State University

Contact: nschneid@iastate.edu


The design of 7:25 eyewear was inspired by the similar shape of watch frames and eyeglass frames and of watch hands and eyeglass temples. Wood is the primary material supplemented with titanium. The metallic rim serves to both reinforce the wood frame and allow the lenses to be easily changed.

Designed by: Byoengchan Oh, Chihyun Son and Jeonghyeon Nam of COLONS, Seoul National University of Science and Technology and Hongik University

Contact: ohbyoengchan@gmail.com; www.colonseyewear.com

Illusion Spinner

The Illusion Spinner is an unglazed bone china spinner. Engraved on the spinner is a floral spiral pattern that when spun captures your mind through the combination of the whispery sea-shell sound of the ocean and a mesmerizing optical illusion.

Designed by: Oscar de la Hera Gomez for the Museum of Modern Art

Contact: oscar.delahera@gmail.com; www.oscardelahera.com

Hacking STEM

Microsoft Hacking STEM provides affordable inquiry and project-based activities that use everyday materials to visualize data across science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curriculum. Middle school standards-based lesson plans written by teachers for teachers.

Designed by: Microsoft Hacking STEM Team

Contact: cakling@microsoft.comaka.ms/hackingstem

Withfika - reasonable makeup brand packaging

The packaging for the cosmetic brand Withfika was designed with a simple structure to be practical for daily use, and the Memphis-style graphics were designed to stand out to consumers. The minimal post-processing of the container and box reduced costs and increased manufacturing efficiency.

Designed by: Jihyo Lee, Yura Lee and Chaeyoon Kim of WITHFIKA Design for CELLTRIONSKINCURE Corp.

Contact: chaeyoon.kim@celltrionskincure.com; www.celltrionskincure.com

TV Packaging Box Reuse Pet House

The TV Packaging Box Reuse Pet House is an environmentally friendly TV packaging design. On the theme of the FIFA World Cup 2018, the TV Packaging Box can be reused and transformed into a pet house.

Designed by: Tan Qi Feng of Hisense Industrial Design Center for Hisense Electric Co., Ltd.

Contact: hanyuting1@hisense.com; http://v.youku.com/