Belkin DuraTek™ Cable Family

Not just any charge cable, the Belkin DuraTek™ cables were forged from superior-quality materials for ultimate durability. Kevlar fibers reinforce the inner wiring for added strength, abrasion-resistant nylon forms a tough outer jacket, and highly flexible insulation minimizes damage from friction. The strength created by these ingredients was further enhanced by a smart design that reinforces the cable at stress points. This ensures that the finished product can withstand even the most demanding routines to deliver a cable that borders on indestructible.

Designed by: Kenneth Mori, Claire Park, Mitchell Suckle, Oliver Seil and Daniel Reyes of Belkin


Dell Ultrathin Monitors S2419HM/S2719DM

The new Dell Ultrathin Consumer Monitor for 24- and 27-inch screens exemplifies true slimness of form factor with a continuous back cover surface unlike any competitors. They are currently the world’s brightest ultrathin monitors in the class, with a Corning Iris™ Glass light-guide plate and designed to suit the modern home of consumers. The connectivity ports are intentionally designed to be rear facing in a vertical column arrangement to visually hide all the connection ports behind the stand.

Designed by: the Experience Design Group, Dell


Galaxy S8, S8+ & Note8

The Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note8 line of smartphones delivers timeless design. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ eliminated elements that felt needlessly mechanical, focusing only on the essence of the device. The Infinity Display, which occupies at least 80 percent of the panel, produces an innovative silhouette. The Note8 features a new premium design for the Note series and the Infinity Display to facilitate the use of the S-pen stylus, offering a new level of aesthetics, functionality and convenience.

Designed by: Mobile Design Team of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


HP Spectre 13

The HP Spectre 13 is the world’s thinnest touch clamshell notebook. Now with show-stopping new colors, a narrow-border touch display, more battery life and a bigger keyboard, the Spectre 13 redefines the notebook. As elegant as it is unprecedented, it fuses exceptional design with powerful performance. Compared to its predecessor, the new Spectre 13 notebook is 16 millimeters narrower in width and 5 millimeters shorter in length. HP’s thinnest and lightest laptop now packs even more performance.

Designed by: HP Design Team and Native Design


TurboTax Visual System Redesign

For the past three years, the TurboTax design language primarily existed as a singular system heavily grounded in DIY tax prep. Intuit’s consumer group has built brand recognition around TurboTax as a fast, painless way to take care of taxes. In need of an update, and paired with the business decision to introduce new offerings beyond just taxes, the TurboTax Visual System Redesign developed a completely revolutionized, cohesive system that will purposefully flex along each customer’s unique journey and deliver an innovative experience end to end.

Taking an outside-in approach, specific decisions were made based on how customers want to act, feel and behave when engaging with the new and different brands (TurboTax Live and Turbo) during tax season and year-round. The result is a more personalized connection reflected throughout the entire online ecosystem and carried through the in-product navigation experience.

Designed by: Intuit Consumer Design Team


Dolby Brand Design System

The Dolby Brand Design System is a documented design language that translates the intangibles of the Dolby portfolio of brands into physical and experiential manifestations through a common vocabulary. The comprehensive design system spans and integrates brand strategy, graphic design, photography, video content, motion graphic, industrial, environmental, user interaction and experience design disciplines. The system provides the tools and creative guidance to establish a consistent identity for all endpoints and experiences while allowing for guided flexibility for discrete solutions.

Designed by: Astro, Hatch and Awake for Dolby Laboratories, Inc.



SPRING is a pioneering accelerator that supports entrepreneurs and businesses whose products and services have the potential to transform the lives of adolescent girls living in poverty worldwide. Working in East Africa and South Asia, SPRING identifies 18-20 local entrepreneurs each year and provides business and experience design expertise alongside access to funding in order to accelerate the growth of their businesses and to support their communities. When the program ends this year, SPRING will have reached over 3 million girls.

Designed by: Yves Béhar, IDSA, Roo Rogers, Sam Sturm, Martha Deery and fuseproject design team


The Definitive Autonomous Car Experience

The Autonomous Vehicle Simulator (AVS) is the future car experience. Created in response to intensive global research, it identified the brand experiences that people want when they no longer need to drive. It is a place that knows its passengers, what they like, what they want and what they need. It’s a time machine that gives back all those wasted hours driving a car. Designed from the inside-out, the AVS is a fully holistic, integrated physical and digital experience. The Definitive Autonomous Car Experience studied the future city and the urban landscape, demographic shifts, technology roadmaps and evolving user behaviors. It synthesized a unique set of high-value opportunities that generated hundreds of new patents for Ford. These innovations included connected applications, projected image HMI, transparent contextual displays, mechanical engineering invention, and highly tailored touch and voice control that reaffirms the brand presence and enables a premium end-to-end experience.

Designed by: Native Design for Ford Motor Co.


Play Impossible's GameBall

Play Impossible's GameBall is an active gaming system that combines physical play with digital app magic to ignite the joy, challenge and entertainment that keep kids moving and engaged with one another. Play Impossible's debut physical product, Gameball, bridges the gap between addictive digital media and physical activity, combining both worlds into a singular experience. The Gameball's lively motion and energetic sound design engage kids within the Play Impossible App where the Gameball is the controller. In this paradigm, the physical object is made digital—simply toss the ball to change games and tap to start.

Designed by: Gadi Amit, IDSA, Tony Smith, Jon Patterson, Timmy Chau and Stan Moiseyenko of NewDealDesign with Brian Monnin and Kevin Langdon of Play Impossible.



The nuraphone is the world’s first headphone to automatically learn and adapt to your unique hearing, bringing your music back into sharp focus. When you first put nuraphone on, it plays a series of tones that elicit a signal in your ear called the oto-acoustic emission. This is detected by the nuraphone and used to craft your unique hearing profile and balance your music perfectly.

The music is delivered via a highly innovative in- and over-ear architecture that produces deep bass you can feel while preserving crystal-clear tones. It works by splitting the melodic notes to an in-ear speaker and bass sounds to an over-ear tactile driver that delivers the sound through your skin adding a haptic dimension to the experience. For the first time, you can adjust your level of immersion and truly feel like you are standing in the front row of a concert.

Designed by: Lorenzo Pavesi and Jonathan Yap of nura design team in collaboration with Tricycle Developments and the Office for Product Design