The WikiArt app gives users a brand new experience when searching for artwork. It is building a dictionary of artwork from around the world. The database has a clear visual layout, making navigation easy to learn.

Designed by: Yaman Hu of the School of Visual Arts


Smart Cabin Cart

The Smart Cabin Cart provides flight attendants with convenience through ease of use and information about such things as meals for passengers. This allows airlines to offer higher quality service to travelers.

Designed by: Jae Seung Lee, Jae Hun Lee and Chang Ho Jeong of Keimyung University


SEESEA: AR Swimming Goggles

SEESEA is an AR-enabled swimming goggle that enables children to explore the myriad forms of life that call the sea home, from a touch pool filled with sea cucumbers and starfish to spectacular reefs. It creates an immersive and live experience of swimming and makes swimming cool and fun for children.

Designed by: Ma Wenbo and Yang Qihang of Moonback Innovation


Fit Lighting

Fit Lighting is a versatile lighting solution aimed at providing ideal lighting for different users, contexts and scenarios. Fit Lighting is perfect for any indoor location and is more versatile than other lamps.

Designed by: Clay Simonson of the University of Wisconsin Stout