Samsara Cast Iron Pot Sets

The Samsara cast iron pot sets combine Eastern philosophy with product design. The cup designs are inspired by a lotus, which exemplify life. As different types of tea need hot water at different temperatures, Samsara helps the users achieve the appropriate tea. The shape of the design is inspired by traditional Chinese landscape art and identity. An invisible gas hole stops a hot water spurt and makes the pot safer to use.

Designed by: Wen WeiCai, Hu Xin, Xu JingTing and Lin YiJian of AEZM Design Studio


Palm Leaf Light

The palm leaf handicraft technique has been used for generations to make Chinese fans in the 1,600-year-old Guangdong Province. But with more people using air conditioning and electric fans, fewer artisans are specializing in this skill. Palm Leaf Light wants this tradition to keep evolving. Since palm leaf fans are almost transparent, the light that comes through them is warm and inviting. Palm Leaf Lights incorporate this feature and the palm leaf technique.

Designed by: Wen WeiCai, Guo ChunRui,  Huang HuiFang, Cen ZiJian and Chen ZhenYi of AEZM Design Studio


#IDSA17Atlanta: Designing (for the business of) PLAY

Originally an architect in California, Michael Laris, IDSA, spent 19 years in Denmark and was converted into an architect of play.  He is VP of global innovation at PlayPower. Laris has earned several global honors, including an IDSA International Design Excellence Award. At IDSA’s International Design Conference in Atlanta, Laris shared “Designing for (the business of) PLAY”—the importance of bringing the skills we learned in play, and developed as designers, to board members who sometimes have forgotten lessons learned on the playground.

#IDSA17Atlanta: We Can Make Anything. What Will We Make?

As VP of design at Etsy, Randy Hunt led a team of designers, researchers, writers and artists for seven and a half years to define and create the company's total brand experience. In 2014, Etsy was honored with the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum’s National Design Award for Corporate and Institutional Achievement. Hunt is author of Product Design for the Web, which explores the evolving discipline of product design for today’s connected world. At IDSA's International Design Conference in Atlanta, Hunt asks, "We can make anything. What will we make?" and looks at the modern designer’s opportunity and responsibility.

NCR Fastlane SelfServ Checkout

NCR Fastlane SelfServ is a compact self-service and assisted-service checkout terminal suitable for a wide range of retailer types. It offers consumers a more flexible and efficient way to scan, bag and pay for items. Highly adaptable—the retailer can choose from no bag or one-, two- or three-bag configurations. The NCR Fastlane SelfServ addresses the operational needs of retailers in a compact footprint. There are optional input belts which give shoppers more space to unload items at checkout, and cash management advancements such as bunch note recycling and recycling support for up to eight coin denominations.

Designed by: Kwan Lee and Jaan Lin of NCR User Centred Design for NCR Corporation

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Mi LED Desk Lamp

Equipped with a patented optical lens that diffuses light source into natural-like, non-visible, flicker light rays, Mi LED Desk Lamp is dimmable and supports stepless adjustment for brightness (1–100 percent of 300 lumen) and color temperature (2700–6500k) with only one rotary knob. Designed in a minimalist style—the lamp arm, pole and base are sculptured into elementary geometric forms—conveying a sense of aesthetic beauty and build quality while naturally blending in its surroundings. Additional lighting-mode settings can be customized via a mobile app based on actual scenarios.

Designed by: Mi Industrial Design Team of Xiaomi Inc.

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Mi Drone

Mi Drone is a RTF (Ready-To-Fly) quad-copter for the hobbyist market. With high-energy density batteries, ARAD airfoil propellers and a lightweight body, Mi Drone features exceptional cruising duration of 27 minutes, and can fly as high as 500 meters and as far as 3000 meters to capture stabilized 4K or 1080P aerial footage. Connected to a mobile app, the product supports real-time image downlink, one-button auto take-off and landing, emergency return-to-home and automatic flying around points-of-interest and along preset paths. Mi Drone has foldable landing skids and easy, detachable gimbal camera structure for better portability. An integrated repeater and handset holder are designed inside the remote controller for functionality and ergonomics.Mi Drone is easy to pack and carry, so people can better enjoy the fun of video shooting from a bird’s eye view.

Designed by: Mi Industrial Design Team & FIMI Industrial Design Team of Xiaomi Inc.

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