Ming Bathroom Suite

The Ming Bathroom Suite consists of vanity, mirror, multifunctional bar, towel rack and bathtub. The project translate modern consumers’ needs, both emotional and functional, with a unique design language characterized by the use of precious materials and latest technologies. The collection has been crafted by Chinese artisans in order to realize unique and elegant forms, defining a warm and sophisticated environment, unique in the bathroom design world. Great effort was given to the development of technologies that make the bathroom an ambient capable of transforming itself in relation to consumers’ necessities, especially through the lighting experience.
Designed by: Giovanni Locci, Spring Liu and Jax Liu of Kohler Design Studio (Shanghai) for Kohler Co.

Karess Massage Bath

Karess Massage Bath is an innovative massage solution for optimal health and comfort based on principles. The Karess Massage Bath targets important meridians and acupuncture points to deliver a sense of traditional massage therapy through the bathing experience.
Designed by: Yingying Ni of Kohler Design Studio (Shanghai) for Kohler Co.

Shift+ Shower Wand

With its clean contemporary look, the Shift+ Shower Wand brings versatility, functionality and sophistication to your bathroom. Overcoming the prior limitations of shower wands, Shift+ delivers spray coverage rivaling full-size handshowers, along with a targeted task spray, all in one minimalist design. The katalyst air dispenses a feather-soft yet saturating spray, bringing you from foggy to focused, while the targeted massage offers tension relief, taking you from sore to serene. Direct actuation buttons at your fingertips make switching between these pleasures more intuitive than ever. Complementing any bathroom décor, Shift+ is ready to enhance your every showering experience.
Designed by: Kohler Design Studio (Shanghai) for Kohler Co.