T7xe Treadmill

The T7xe is a premium series treadmill for commercial health clubs. It features a 15-inch touchscreen interface, iPod and multimedia connections, and was designed to cater to user ergonomics. Extra attention was given to serviceability and club operation with the inclusion of technology that tracks the maintenance cycle.

Contact: Mark Van Handel: mark.vanhandel@johnsonfit.com Credit: Mark Van Handel and Philip Stankard, IDSA of Johnson Health Tech., and Shanan Galligan of Swink Design Client:

Océ ColorWave 600

This wide-format color printer uses Océ CrystalPoint technology to produce high-quality prints on plain and recycled paper. The technology combines the best of both toner and inkjet in one environmentally-sensitive machine. It is a clean and sustainable system: no ozone, no odor, no ink-vapors, no system contamination.

Contact:Rob Zweerman: rob.zweerman@oce.com Credit: Océ Design (Netherlands) and Océ Techologies (Netherlands) Client:

Robertshaw LP Tank Monitoring System

Client: Robertshaw Co.

This radio frequency device continually monitors fill levels in propane levels and transmits data to service centers to automatically order refills. Three different platforms include the Basic Consumer Unit, Commercial Unit and High-End Consumer Unit. This system simplifies and streamlines the process of maintaining constant levels of propane gas on property. Since this device requires no customer intervention or contact, and technicians make repairs, the product life cycle will improve significantly. It is energy efficient as the previous device resulted in inaccurate readings and unnecessary service calls.

"The team at HLB has done a great job designing a simple, intuitive device that significantly simplifies the life of propane-gas homeowners. The elegance of the design makes it appropriate for installation in any home while establishing a powerful identity for Robertshaw. This clearly sets a new standard for the industry." -Duncan Paul, I/IDSA, Global Design Leader of Fabric and Homecare, Procter and Gamble Eurocor NV.

Contact: Mark Dziersk,
FIDSA, Herbst LaZar Bell Inc.,

Credit: Herbst LaZar Bell, Inc. and Robertshaw Co.

NCR SelfServ Checkout

The NCR SelfServ™

 Checkout allows customers to scan, bag and pay for items, while an associate monitors from a station nearby. Its refined aesthetic is designed to fit any retail environment, and can be color customized to match any retailer's brand and image. The SelfServ Checkout offers consumers an efficient shopping experience and enables retailers to maximize productivity and minimize costs.

Contact: Jaan Lin: jaan.lin@ncr.com Credit: Jaan Lin and the NCR SelfServ™ Checkout Hardware Engineering Team: William Whiteside, John S Tyndall, Steven Hassenzahl and James Morrison for NCR Industrial Design; Marcia Crosland, Clay Jamison and Matt McCullah for the NCR Human Factors Design Team Client:


Setting a new design standard for the computer industry, Apple takes a bold, exciting and purely geometric move from the successful desktop iMac. The new iMac is designed around a 15-inch LCD flat panel display that is connected to a hemispherical computer base by a robustly constructed stainless steel neck, which doubles as a carrying handle. The adjustable neck can be moved with a touch of a finger to glide into precise height and viewing angle. The 10.6-inch base houses a custom designed circular logic board, a Superdrive to burn DVDs, a 3.5-inch hard drive disk, a power supply, two FireWire ports and five USB ports.

"Apple does it again! Innovation, ease of use, aesthetics and fit and finish are all expected from Apple. The new iMac exceeds expectations in each of these dimensions. The I-Mac is a paradigm shift that will be copied, but is unlikely to be surpassed." — Jack Beduhn, FIDSA

Contact: Teri Pelton,
Apple Computer, Inc.,

Credit: Apple Computer, Inc.

Metron 290

The Metron 290 is a design tool for professional product designers. It organizes and expresses design elements that are frequently applied in product design, such as fillet, chamfer, hole, long hole, embossment, thickness, imprinting and etching. It allows designers to see and touch optimal design elements with their own eyes, improving the efficiency of designers, enhancing the quality of the design and minimizing mold changes.

Contact: Young seok Ryu: eggdesign@chol.com Credit: Gyong hun Kim, Young seok Ryu and Hong chul Kim of egg design (South Korea) Client: metron (South Korea)


Client: Zeltec Engineering GmbH, Germany

The Watercone® is a solar water still, making distilled water from salty/brackish water, yielding 1 to 1.4 liters of water per day. The design is a conical self-supporting, stackable unit made from transparent, thermo-formable polycarbonate material outfitted with a screw cap spout at the tip and inward circular colleting trough at the base. Based on the evaporation rate of 8.8 liters per square meter, the salty/brackish water evaporates and forms droplets on the cone's inner wall. To empty the distilled water, unscrew the cap at the tip of the cone and turn the cone upside down. This simple, utilitarian solution will improve the lives of the world's population and is a powerful example of back to basics problem solving.

"The Watercone® is a highly innovative solution to one of the most basic needs in developing countries. The design developed by Augustin is one of the most compelling examples of design I have seen. The focus on performance has created a design that is uniquely relevant to the need. It's beautifully simple, functional and intuitive. The Watercone® demonstrates how design can play a key role in improving the lives of many around the world." -Duncan Paul, I/IDSA, Global Design Leader of Fabric and Homecare, Procter and Gamble Eurocor NV.

Contact: Stephan Augustin,
Augustin Product Development,

Credit: Augustin Product Development

Kompakt Plant

This asphalt paving plant on wheels offers direct benefits to the entire production chain by reducing costs, electricity consumption and working time. Field tests have shown that the perception of added value prompted by the design compels users to exercise greater care in operating the equipment.

Contact:gabriel@bertussidesign.com.br Credit: Tobias Bertussi and Juliano Gheno of BERTUSSI DESIGNINDUSTRIAL (Brazil) Client: Ciber Equipamentos Rodovi

Jet Spray

The Jet Spray concept is designed to improve fire-fighting efficiency and safety for situations that are difficult to access. The nozzle is connected to a water pump. Using compressed air, the firefighter can spray water directly onto the fire, a more efficient and safe procedure than shooting water from outside.

Contact:Haishan Deng: haishandeng@yahoo.com Credit: Haishan Deng (China) Client:

Sun Fire Blade Server Solution

Sun makes its Sun Fire Blade Server with a smaller footprint to combat a decrease in space availability and is a balance of technical sophistication and sculptural elegance. Each blade's front surface is 1" x 4.5"; one side panel is made of metal and the other, plastic. The plastic side is used as a carrier in the manufacturing process. User installs desired blades by simply sliding blade into slot. Each blade has a motherboard, disk and RAM. Increase ease of service, higher level of uptime, simplified installation, increase compute density of a rack and allows organizations to accommodate growth with a flexible configuration of a data center.

Contact: Philip Yurkonis,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.,

Credit: Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Therefore Product Design Consultants, UK