360 Smart Assistant A1

A1 is a 360-degree smart assistant named Lulu which can be controlled remotely via a mobile app. Thanks to the Wi-Fi communication module and voice interactive feature, children and the elderlly who are not familiar with smart phones can send voice messages to their outside family members through A1 and even voice request their favorite children's song or drama. As long as you say "Hey Lulu!" the phone wakes up, and users can control the smart device which is connected with A1.

Designed by: Xueyong Zhang of Shenzhen Fenglian Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: beelink@ifenglian.com

#IDSA17Atlanta: Business of Corporate Design Studios

Many of the world’s most successful and innovative companies have invested in their own design studios. How do you run an internal design studio in alignment with the business goals of the company? Take a deep dive with International Design Conference 2017 Chair Jeevak Badve, IDSA—as he moderates a panel on the Business of Corporate Design Studios featuring design leaders from Pfizer, GE Appliances, Milwaukee Tool, Hyundai Ventures and Honeywell.


Earbuds can drown out lifesaving warning signs. But SORI is a new earbud that detects the sound coming from behind the user on the street, even while the user is listening to music. In Korean, SORI means sound. The earbud detects soundwaves as around the user, and vibrates to alert the user of dangers on a busy street.

Designed by: Heabin Lee, MyungJin Kim, Wooin Jang, and KwanMyung Kim of UNIS (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)

Contact: kmyung@unist.ac.kr | iidlab.unist.ac.kr


SIMBULB CLASSIC DIMMABLE is the first spiral shaped filament Retro LED light bulb with spherical light distribution. The starting point of this design was the idea to develop an LED lamp series that combines classic aesthetics with innovative technology and changes consumers’ perception of energy-saving bulbs. SIMBULB CLASSIC DIMMABLE bulbs look like traditional bulbs but consume only one-tenth of the energy. The amber tinted glass creates a vintage look. The lamps have good dimming performance and are available in different designs. The materials ensure a long service life and the structure is stable.


Contact: andrew@simlighting.com | www.simlighting.com

Samsung Experience Store in Belgium

The first Samsung mobile experience store in Belgium was launched as a communication hub between shoppers and Samsung brand. To forge a strong bond with customers, the store was designed to revolutionize the traditional Samsung Mobile Store and provide a new destination for people to not just buy mobile phones, but to learn about and be inspired by the latest products and technology.

Designed by:  Retail Experience Group for Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd., Retail Experience Team 1, Creative Design Team for Cheil Worldwide Inc., and RX Team for Cheil Worldwide Benelux of Cheil Worldwide

Contact: emma.cho@samsung.com

Safe Heel Shoehorn

Safe Heel Shoehorn concept is a design for the heel of your shoes. Generally, people do not want to bend over when they put their shoes on. So they mainly use shorhorns.  Safe Heel Shoehorn would make it unnecessary to bend over in an uneasy posture, or to crumple the heel of your shoes. This clip helps your feet naturally go into the shoes. In addition, it would save money, by lengthening the use of the current shoe.

Designed by: Him Chan Jang of Jeonju University

Contact: uninno3489@gmail.com


Ruki is a feminine caring system specially designed for females in Taiwan. By getting to know Asian women’s doubts towards to periods, menstrual products and menstrual cups, we could resolve all of them in sequence. The RUKI feminine caring system is categorized into the menstrual cup, cleaning pack and application, and each part will be expected to effectively assist all users in their doubts.

Designed by:  Lin Wei-Chun, Jang Yun-Jen, Tunghai University, and Yeh Wen-Kai of NDD Design Group.

Contact: abdesign.tw@gmail.com

Pack Master PA7

Pack Master PA7 is an innovative refuse vehicle that improves the efficiency, physical labor and safety of collecting garbage on narrow streets. It incorporates a powerful press into a compact body only 1,850 mm wide. PA7 is designed ergonomically. It features a hopper door that can be opened/closed easily with one hand, and a low loading bay only 700 mm off the ground. The rear of the truck features a taillight/indicator cluster that is raised off the body above the hopper door, to make it easily visible to pedestrians and other vehicles.

Designed by: Koichi Kondo of MORITA HOLDINGS CORPORATION, Satoshi Kiyohara and Toru Nishimura of MORITA-ECONOS CORPORATION

Contact: kouichi.kondo@morita119.com | http://www.morita-econos.com/garbage/press07/index.html

IDSA Annual Report 2016

Take a look back at the year that was 2016 for the Indusrial Designers Society of America.



As a total home security and home automation solution, XFINITY Home gives customers complete peace of mind. It helps them build smarter, safer homes by integrating all of their connected home devices into one personalized platform with an easy-to-use app that’s accessible anytime, anywhere.  XFINITY Home features a core set of devices; HomeHub, xCam, D&W Sensor, Motion Sensor and Keypad. These can be partnered with XFINITY Home devices to create an unmatched user experience. XFINITY Home also provides 24/7 professional monitoring with optional video recording that’s accessible from mobile devices and the XFINITY X1 TV UI.
Designed by: Comcast Experience Design, Thomas Loretan, Neil Epstein, Michael Jou and Morris Koo of Comcast