#IDSA17Atlanta: Future of ID Studios and ID Education


Many leading global brands have embraced design and given it a seat on the board. Young inventors are now thinking in parallel—not just about the mechanics but the entire arc of the emotional landscape. What will the world be like in two or three decades for an industrial designer?

At IDSA's International Design Conference 2017, Kevin Shankwiler, IDSA, Georgia Tech senior lecturer, moderates a panel including Michelle Berryman, FIDSA, Liquid Hub; Julia Kemp, Harvard Business School; Owen Foster, IDSA, SHiFT Design Camp and Aether Learning; Professor Byeong C. Hwang, PhD, Savannah College of Art and Design; and He Renke, dean, Hunan University’s School of Design. How can we bring those needs back to today and start courses to carve a new educational perspective and better mold ID students for the future?


P-Ruler is a new measuring tool designed for use in building and decorating. With the simple principles of optics, the projector shows the data of a ruler on the wall or ground. It means you can get instant information on targets about length, angles and distance. All you have to do is urn it on and point to the object—then you get the data!

Designed by: Yu-Chung Chang of Birmingham City University

Contact: akao0919@gmail.com | http://cargocollective.com/yuchung-design/P-Ruler

#IDSA17Atlanta: Business of Design Consultancy Studios

At IDSA's International Design Conference 2017 in Atlanta—Chair Jeevak Badve led an interactive panel on the "Business of Design Consultancy Studios." Speakers from RKS Design, fuseproject, Designworks BMW and Sundberg-Ferar took on questions such as "What is the reason for the existence of independent design studios since the birth of the ID profession?" and "How and in what capacity do clients leverage the potential of these external studios?" and much more.