Xpoweris a tracking system that changes the conventional way we access electricity. The power track is embedded with the electrical wiring and can be placed according to user needs. Combined with the modular socket plugs, Xpower provides a better and more flexible way of connecting to the power grid.

Designed by: Wenting Zhu, Guoxin Wu, Yihong Gan, Nan Luo and Xiaoqiao Shen of Ayu Design for Shanutec Co., Ltd.

Contact: design@shanutec.com | www.shanutec.com


Shedrain VortexVent is a new generation of umbrella, designed to withstand the strongest winds while remaining streamlined, lightweight and easy to use. Umbrellas are perceived as objects with a short life-cycle—easily replaced and rarely repaired. Haythornthwaite Design developed and tested innovative advancements in frame and canopy design, resulting in the VortexVent—an umbrella to outlast the storm. An innovative, anti-inversion strut system mechanically strengthens the ribs of the frame, limiting flex and ultimately preventing the canopy from inverting in high winds. The unique contours of the AIS slide together with precision allowing for a compact and streamlined, collapsed profile. Energy absorbing shocks increase resilience and life expectancy by safely dissipating wind forces. Pressure release venting in the base layer quickly frees buildup of wind pressure through a full 360°, while a taut outer layer covers the vents and maintains a watertight interior. 

Designed by: David Haythornthwaite, Andrew Haythornthwaite, Simon Haythornthwaite, Robert John Morrison of haythornthwaite design

Contact: david@haythornthwaitedesign.com | www.haythornthwaitedesign.com


U by Moen™ Shower

U By Moen Shower is the first wireless/cloud-based shower control for a customizable experience. The user controls time, temperature, outlets and how their day begins. They can also remotely set the shower to the perfect wake-up temperature from the comfort of their own bed through their smartphone. After reaching the desired temperature, notification occurs through the mobile app and the shower automatically pauses to conserve water. The system features up to 12 personalized preset configurations and is available in either two or four water outlet systems. It’s minimalistic form and luxurious Terra Beige finish coordinates swith any shower design.

Designed by: Steven Ward, IDSA, Jen Sedwick, IDSA, Jessica Birchfield, IDSA, Sam Cahill, IDSA, and Andrew McMillan of Moen Inc.

Contact: jessica.d.birchfield@gmail.com | https://www.moen.com/u



The Shining Vertical Garden

Bringing nature from the outside in—doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. Shining Vertical Garden allows you to build up a display of greenery in any room, literally. Shining Vertical Garden features modern geometrical structure. It can serve as a divider among rooms; a focal point; or a backdrop in décor. 

Designed by: Ching-Ping Chang of TIENFUN INTERIOR PLANNING LTD.

Contact: tienfun.compet@gmail.com | www.tienfun.com.tw

UX for HS50/60

HS50/60 is an ultrasonic device of SAMSUNG MEDISON which can be used in various diagnostic fields such as radiology, OB/GYN, internal medicine and musculoskeletal. UX for HS50/60 is a project analyzing user behavior patterns and optimizing the usage environment, and is categorized into ease of use, intuitive design and optimized environment. Ease of use is to extract video output more promptly. Intuitive design minimizes visual design elements so users can focus on the information they actually want. Optimized environment enhances colors in accordance with usage conditions and viewing angle.

Designed by: Song minjung, Kwack Eunjeong, Ha Kilsu, Pak Jieun of Samsung Medison

Contact: mj1.song@samsungmedison.com | https://www.samsungmedicalsolution.com/

#IDSA17Atlanta: Disrupting Adult Toys with the Female Perspective

Ti Chang, IDSA, is co-founder and VP of Design at CRAVE—and passionate about designing products for women. At IDSA’s International Design Conference 2017, she presented “Disrupting Adult Toys with the Female Perspective.” Chang takes a look at how the adult toy industry is marketed to women—but not actually designed for women. In this video with mature content, she asks, “How can we look at products from a different way and champion inclusion of female perspectives in the design process—and not just as target customers?”