Kevin Shankwiler, IDSA

Kevin Shankwiler, IDSA
Senior Lecturer, School of Industrial Design
Georgia Institute of Technology

Kevin Shankwiler, IDSA, is a senior lecturer in the School of Industrial Design, College of Design, at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His ID background includes eight years of full-time practice, ten years of faculty and research experience and an ongoing design consultancy.

Shankwiler has broad experience in product design and development, with specific focus on digital design processes and manufacturing. His design engagements include industrial goods, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, furniture, outdoor household goods, virtual prototyping and evaluation and design expert witness work.

Shankwiler teaches undergraduate and graduate students in industry-sponsored design studios focusing on robust design process and prototyping methods while integrating design research as a fundamental part of every project. His work investigates novel methods for achieving flexibility in design and production, enabling the emerging trend of mass customization and assisted DIY.