Service Design- Present and Future

A Panel Discussion

May 9 2017 - 5:51pm

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Most of us know of design as it relates to products or fashion. But we live in a Service Economy where approximately 80% of US GDP comes from services. The reach of services is also vast and varied, from traditional industries like hospitality, restaurants, financial services, accounting, healthcare, retail, transportation, along with the likes of Airbnb and Uber that tout the Sharing Economy label. Designers are beginning to play a more active ole in this new Service / Sharing economy. Join us as we discuss The Present and Future of Service Design as a- consulting service, in-house capacity and education offering.

Some of the questions we'll be discussing with our panelists :

How do you define service design? Is it a practice or a discipline? Where do you think the service design practice is today from a consulting, in-house or a design education perspective? What are some of the challenges facing the discipline? Where do you think lies ahead in the future?


Mukund Gopalakrishna, Director of Service Design, Designit

Marshall Sitten, Vice President of Communications, Policy & Research, Citi Community Development

John Payne, Founder and Managing Director, Moment

Tracey Varnell, Director of Experience Strategy & Design, OnDeck

Francesca Passoni, Head of Design, CoCollective

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