Hannah Chung

Hannah Chung
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Hannah Chung is co-founder and chief creative officer of Sproutel and creator of Jerry the Bear—a platform to engage children in play-based healthcare education. The White House and then-President Obama recognized Sproutel as one of 32 companies representing diversity in tech, and Chung as one of 50 honored makers.

Chung was named one of “15 Women to Watch in Tech” by Inc in 2012. She co-founded Design for America, a nationwide collegiate network of social impact projects using human-centered design. Chung earned a mechanical engineering degree in 2012 from Northwestern University.

How I Became A Mama Bear

Hannah Chung never thought she would start her own company after college—nor did she imagine becoming a "mama bear" to a robotic teddy bear with Type 1 diabetes. In this talk, Chung will share how unexpected moments in the design process led her from one insight to another, ultimately creating a comforting best friend—Jerry the Bear—that reached more than 25 percent of children newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in the United States.