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The Industrial Designers Society of America's IDSA Ambassadors program supports the industrial design profession with a primary focus on research, thought leadership and advocacy. IDSA Ambassadors receive recognition, exclusive discounts, marketing and media outreach and the opportunity to post their INsights on industrial design and related fields on 


Eric Quint, IDSAChief Design Officer

3M Design is the creative engine driving design for brand and innovation at 3M. Inspired by collaborative creativity, this global team of diverse talent creates meaningful and consistent brand experiences that translate insights into new solutions.  It’s not unusual for teams to encompass a combination of expertise, from product to brand to user experience to graphic design and so on. This multi-disciplinary design approach to explore thousands of materials and technologies enables the design team to work with colleagues across 3M–from R&D to marketing to business and manufacturing–to push new ideas forward. As a catalyst for change, 3M Design applies integrated thinking to identify future customer needs that tap into insights, advance technology applications and innovate industries. Outcomes have not only enriched 3M innovation, but also presented creative opportunities to help make life better around the world.

Subject Matter Expertise for Media
Automotive and Transporation; Commerical and Industrial; Office and Productivity; Home and Bath; Medical and Scientific
Fields: Design Strategy; Design Research; Digital Design



William Cesaroni, IDSA, Founder and President

Bill Cesaroni incorporated Cesaroni Design Associates, Inc. in 1979.  As founder and president, he is responsible for the firms strategic planning and remains actively involved in the industrial design of every project.  Bill has a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and a master’s degree in packaging engineering, both from Michigan State University.  He is also featured in Who’s Who in Design: The Leading Designers of the World.

Cesaroni Design has won over one hundred design awards (including seven IDEA Awards), however they are best known for their ability to create products that are beautiful, user focused and can be manufactured at a profit.  Cesaroni Design also has a high respect for all the other professions that are required to bring a product to the market place.  They know very well that In the real world of product development, no individual designs a product alone.  The design process is truly a team effort.   If a company is seeking an experienced group of industrial designers who work extensively with both in-house and foreign engineering,  please review their web site and contact Bill Cesaroni for a meeting.  Cesaroni Design’s three geographic locations and extremely diversified experience, makes them an ideal partner with most potential clients.

Subject Matter Expertise for Media
 Major Appliances; Consumer Products; Fitness & Recreation; Commercial Equipment; Consumer Electronics; Furniture Systems; Housewares; Medical & Laboratory
Fields: Product Design; Design Strategy; Design Research; User Experience



John Skabardonis, PhD, A/IDSA, Design Advocate, Covestro North America

Dubbed by its CEO Patrick Thomas as a “one-year startup with a 60-year history”—Covestro, since September 2015, has carried on the tradition of Bayer MaterialScience. Covestro is one of the leading producers of high-performance polymers in North America—manufacturing high-tech materials and developing innovative solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. The main segments served are: automotive; electrical and electronics; construction; medical; and sports and leisure. The Covestro group has 30 production sites around the globe and employs about 15,800 people. EcoVadis has ranked Covestro with a “Gold” sustainability rating—in the top two percent of the 20,000 EcoVadis ratings.

Subject Matter Expertise for Media:
Products: Automotive; Electrical and Electronics; Construction; Medical; and Sports and Leisure
Fields: Wide Range




Michael P. Gallagher, IDSA, Vice President, Design Center

Crown Design designs, manufactures, distributes, services and supports material handling products that provide customers with superior value. Since 1956, Crown has distinguished itself with exceptional product designs and a business approach based on vertical integration. Crown designs and manufactures 85 percent of its lift truck components, including key parts like motors, drive units and electronic modules.

Subject Matter Expertise for Media
Commercial and industrial Transportation; Productivity
Fields: Design Education; Design Research; Design Strategy




Ed Boyd, IDSAVice President

Since the first Dell personal computer was introduced in 1986, Dell has continued to shape the industry by breaking new ground and pioneering critical developments in home, small business and enterprise computing. Dell gathers requirements directly through tens of thousands of daily customer interactions, organized events, social media venues and customer panels. Dell's research and development efforts now span the globe, driven by some of the industry's foremost product designers and engineers. At the core of Dell's innovation approach remains an unwavering commitment to deliver new and better solutions that directly address customer needs.

Subject Matter Expertise for Media
Computer Equipment; Entertainment Products; Office and Productivity; Commercial and Industrial; Computer Equipment; Entertainment Products; Outdoor & Gardens; Packaging & Graphics
Fields: Design Strategy; Product Design; Experience Design




Farrell Calabrese, IDSACreative Manager, Design Programs

The Eastman Innovation Lab is a digital toolbox that uses storytelling and animation to bring material innovations to life. By capturing insights from the world’s greatest thinkers and pairing them with Eastman’s material experts, Eastman is enabling smarter material choices that can advance the world around us. Read INsights from Eastman Innovation Lab.

Subject Matter Expertise for Media
Transportation; Building; Construction; Retail and Consumer Goods
Fields: Design Education; Digital Design




Christopher V. Carani, Esq. and Partner, A/IDSA

McAndrews, Held & Malloy is comprised of one of the most highly regarded teams of intellectual property attorneys, patent agents and technology specialists in the United States. This full-service IP firm has deep experience in all aspects of utility patent, design patent, trademark, trade dress, copyright and unfair competition law. McAndrews, Held & Malloy regularly represents clients before the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), foreign patent offices, US District Courts, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals and the International Trade Commission.

As one of the world’s main thought leaders in the field of design IP (covering design patents, trade dress and copyright), McAndrews routinely is called upon to protect and enforce some of the world’s most iconic designs. Whether for product design, UX/UI design, graphical user interfaces, icons and apps, the firm’s close familiarity with the intricacies of US and international design law allows it to take full advantage of the worldwide protection strategies, including cost savings offered by international filing systems.

Christopher V. Carani, Esq. and partner, A/IDSA is a leading voice in the field of design IP and has published and lectured extensively on the topic. He is the chair of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property Design Rights Committee; immediate past chair of the American Bar Association's Design Rights Committee; and former chair of the American Intellectual Property Law Association's Committee on Industrial Designs.

Subject Matter Expertise for Media
Intellectual property law, including the procurement and enforcement of design patents



For two decades, through design research, ergonomics, product design and innovation strategy, Metaphase has been partnering with several of the world’s most prestigious and influential brands to create award-winning product and packaging designs that have rejuvenated markets, created new product categories and shaped unique consumer brand experiences.




Pip Tompkin, IDSA, Principal; Shannon Hematian, CEO

Pip Tompkin Design Studio is an award-winning industrial design, brand strategy and product innovation studio. We innovate using our “assume nothing, question everything” philosophy, which encourages our designers to question all assumptions made by a product’s predecessors, often resulting in great leaps in advancement through design. Every project we work on provides an opportunity for us to identify new market opportunities, discover new technological frontiers and pioneer new design solutions. We think big to create big ideas in the realms of miniature and wearable technologies, consumer electronics and lifestyle products that connect with consumers on emotional and experiential levels.

Subject Matter Experitse for Media
Products: Children’s Products; Communication Tools, Office & Productivity

Fields: Design Research; Design Strategy; Digital Design




Hong-Pyo Kim, Head of Samsung Design America

Established as a leader of home appliance back in 1696, Samsung Electronics is now endeavoring in the Infotainment business - information, telecommunication, and audio & video as well as lifecare business, including health care, environment& energy, and convenient services, to shape tomorrow's society into one complete picture, not limited to the excitement of modernity and the expectation of renowned quality for all. To enable all our worldwide customers to access a more convenient and 'smarter' life, our three business divisions - Consumer Electronics, IT & Mobile Communications, and Device Solutions - serve as the main pillars for generating synergy and delivering products and services with unrivaled quality.

As a recognized leader in the global IT industry with about 200 subsidiaries around the world, we set ourselves apart from the competition in manufacturing, R&D, marketing, and services with the help of our local subsidiaries in respective regions while tirelessly pursuing disruptive innovation and creating values.
Subject Matter Expertise for Media
Products: Computer Equipment; Entertainment Products; Wearable and Fitness Products; Health Equipment; Office and Productivity; Commercial and Industrial; Packaging & Graphics
Fields: Design Strategy; Product Design; Experience Design, Engineering, and Service Design




John Barratt, IDSATEAGUE President and CEO; IDSA Board Chair 2015-2017

TEAGUE is the original design consultancy. Founded in 1926 by design pioneer Walter Dorwin Teague, TEAGUE’s portfolio spans many firsts: the Polaroid camera, the UPS truck, the Texaco service station, the Pringles canister and the Xbox. Along the way, TEAGUE has designed the interior of every Boeing commercial airplane every produced—including the 787 Dreamliner. Today, TEAGUE is 300+ thinkers and doers with talents spanning everything from industrial design and interaction design to branding and robotics. All of TEAGUE’s talents are focused specifically on travel and technology innovation, working on projects such as the NIKE + TEAGUE Athlete’s Plane; next-generation devices for Intel and Samsung; the DENNY Bicycle; and the Boeing 777X. John Barratt, president and CEO of TEAGUE since 2004, currently serves as Chair of IDSA’s Board of Directors.

Subject Matter Expertise for Media
Automotive and Transportation; Consumer Electronics; Consumer Goods and Services
Fields: Strategic Consulting; User Experience




Elizabeth Ponte, Marketing Manager-Americas

Teknor Apex was founded in 1924, and now offers expertise in polymer science, plastics processing and application development support. The Rhode Island-based company partners with designers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and processors to develop customized solutions across industries including consumer products such as children's toys; infants' products; personal electronics; sports and leisure equipment; housewares; and appliances. Teknor Apex has global reach—operating more than a dozen manufacturing facilities in the United States, Belgium, Germany, Singapore and China. Read INsights from Teknor Apex.

Subject Matter Expertise for Media
Products: Sports & Leisure; Outdoor & Garden; Children's Products; Personal Accessories; Medical & Scientific




Jonathan Dalton, IDSACEO & Co-founder

THRIVE is a human-centered design and innovation consultancy that helps ambitious leaders build profitable brands through informed design. Read INsights from THRIVE.

Subject Matter Expertise for Media
Products: Commercial and Industrial; Medical and Scientific; Home and Bath
Fields: Design Research; Design Strategy; Service Design




David Kusuma, FIDSAVice President, Product Development

Tupperware has been a household name since the airtight container line was conceived in Massachusetts by Earl Tupper in the 1940s. Today, Tupperware designs, manufactures and internationally distributes to more than 100 countries its food preparation, storage and serving products—mostly via millions of salespersons, who display their wares directly in customers’ homes.




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