Q&A With IDSA Member and Fitbit Force

What Makes Gadi Amit, IDSA, Tick?

He’s the force behind the Fitbit, Sproutling and Google’s modular phone, among many other innovations.

Gadi Amit, IDSA, founder of New Deal Design in San Francisco, comes from a family of architects and got his first design job at an Israeli tech company. He calls himself a “technology designer” but says his most important tool is a pencil.

Amit has been featured in Fortune and Bloomberg, and honored at the White House during the 2014 US Design Awards.

In a new interview with Core77, Amit reveals his favorite productivity trick; what he believes is the most important quality in a designer; his most prized design possession; and finally, who he believes is more fun to have a drink with: architects, industrial designers or graphic designers.

Forbes also took a closer look recently.