IDSA-TX Design Mixer Re-Cap

Oct 18 2016 - 2:48pm

The Texas/DFW chapter of IDSA held a super-fun and well-attended design & drinks mixer at Pacific Northern on Thurs, Sept. 29th. Guests included members and non-members. Autumn Jones, Texas Chair/DFW Vice Chair introduced our host, Mike Wharton, Pres. of Pacific Northern, who briefly spoke about PN. Our featured speaker was Rachel Kuhr, founder of – formerly product development and design specialist for Mark Cuban’s Shark Tank projects. She explained the ups and downs of developing products in that specialized realm. We had a short Q & A after the speech. Following in the footsteps of Shark Tank, we had Snark Tank – a product design contest with great prizes. Players were divided into 4 teams and each given a box of nearly identical crafting supplies. They had about 20 minutes to solve the design problem of: Your team is one of the first missions to Mars. What kind of product might you need on Mars? The teams brainstormed and got to work – each coming up with totally different product responses to the question. Then each team pitched their product to the four Snark Tank judges – who ultimately chose the product by Team #4 – a headset, cape and firing apparatus to protect them from Martians. Throughout the evening everyone mixed and mingled and a lot of new acquaintances were made while enjoying beer/wine/soft drinks and hors d’oeuvres.