IDSA-SF The Ethics of Design

Nov 13 2018 - 9:36am

The design field is calling for more ethical decision-making, although it’s hard to pin down exactly how that's done. In hindsight, it is easy to blow the whistle on products with unethical consequences, but how does an industrial designer actively work as an agent of ethics to avoid unintended consequences? Hear the stories of two designers that instilled moral advocacy into their business to navigate through ethical dilemmas and successes within their career.

This discussion will focus on the ethics of industrial design through the lens of accessibility for hearing-impaired and social equality for disadvantaged communities.

Samsung Design Innovation Center is opening their doors to the design community by sponsoring a series of intimate events that foster connection and skill building.

The Samsung Design Innovation Center is a design-driven think tank located in downtown San Francisco. At SDIC, we work on a range of projects from envisioning and prototyping far-future experiences to production-ready designs that will be shipped, at scale. We’re a collaborative group of creative technologists, researchers, strategists, designers, and engineers that love to hack, build, and examine the implications of our designs. We take a holistic and purpose-oriented approach to designing meaningful future experiences, enabled by advanced technologies.

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IDSA-SF The Ethics of Design