IDSA-CHI The way we [will] work

Oct 24 2017 - 4:42pm

Nov 1, 6 - 8p TEAMS Design, 1812 West Hubbard St #200

The work we do is changing. So, too, are work environments. A growing liquid workforce ebbs and flows when need recedes and rises. People who thrive in the new economy are continuously learning self-starters with fuzzy titles to match their adaptability. The office is the living room, coffee shop, and CTA platform, and our newest colleague is Watson.

IDSA Chicago and IIT Institute of Design are bringing together a group of educators and practitioners to turn a critical eye to the new tensions emerging around work. Our panelists will discuss this new context for design of the products we use and the systems we inhabit in our workplace. What cultural values are shaping the workplace? What are the new obligations of the organizations that we work with and for? What does it mean to be adaptive—to have a flexing workspace that empowers the people who use it? What does it mean when we ‘design the systems’ in which work happens vs. designing and arranging the artifacts?

Panelists include: Yared Akalou, founder of Alcove Group, Kevin Budelmann, President of Peopledesign, Liz Gerber, Founder of Design for America, Design Professor at Northwestern University, and Jan Johnson, FIIDA, VP Design and Workplace Resources at Allsteel. The conversation will be moderated by TEAMS Design CEO and IDSA Chicago member Paul Hatch. To register for this event, please head over to the Eventbrite