Designing a Better World

Icsid Announces World Impact Design Prize Winner

Mar 24 2016 - 4:34pm


The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) has announced the winner of the 2015-2016 World Design Impact Prize. Warka Water collects rain, and harvests fog and dew from the atmosphere. It was created for rural communities in Ethiopia with limited access to safe drinking water. The trophy was awarded to Arturo Vittori, CEO of research and design studio Architecture and Vision, by Icsid President Mugendi Rithaa, PhD.

“Designing a better world is only possible when we leverage our strength and work together as a community to address common challenges that impact us all,” says Rithaa. “Throughout this World Design Capital  (WDC) year in Taipei, we have the opportunity to collaborate and to share best practices in design-led innovation to improve people's lives."

The other two finalists for the prize were HappyTap, a portable, plastic sink that encourages hand washing to fight disease designed by WaterSHED in Vietnam and Cambodia; and Re:Build, a re-deployable building system for displaced populations designed by Pilosio Building Peace Foundation in Jordan. See all the finalists' videos here.

Rithaa also awarded the inaugural Golden Pin Award for Social Design to 5% Design Action, a social innovation platform that encourages designers to pitch in five percent of their time to address social, economic and environmental challenges.

The World Design Impact Prize is awarded every two years by Icsid to an industrial design-driven project that aims to benefit society. A multi-disciplinary panel of experts selects a shortlist, which is then voted on by the more than 140 Icsid member organizations. The WDC is designated by Icsid every two years to recognize a city's innovative use of design for economic, social and cultural development, and to showcase effective design-led revitalization strategies and projects. Taipei is the WDC for 2016; Mexico City earns the title in 2018.

Icsid is an international, non-governmental organization founded in 1957 that recently announced a name change to World Design Organization to be implemented sometime this year and celebrated during its 60th anniversary in 2017. Icsid advocates industrial design driven innovation that creates a better world, engaging our more than 140 member organizations, including IDSA, in collaborative efforts and carrying out international programs.