Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA

Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA
Viemeister Industries

Viemeister Industries creates traditional and new media solutions. Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA, is most famous for OXO Good Grips kitchen tools designed with Smart Design, the company he helped found in 1979.

Viemeister opened frogdesign’s New York office; Razorfish’s physical design capability group; and Springtime-USA. He was founder and lab chief at Rockwell Group and director of special projects with Ralph Appelbaum Associates.

Viemeister has created things, places and experiences for some of the biggest names in business in a wide range of industries—ranging from Apple and Coca-Cola to Johnson & Johnson and Toyota. Now, he’s working on products for aging; teaching at Parsons; and designing interpretive environments.

Peter Muller-Munk and Me: Parallel Lives

Peter Muller-Munk, FIDSA, and Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA, have a lot in common. Both are silversmiths-turned-industrial designers who became IDSA Fellows. “I think I remember meeting Muller-Munk when he visited my dad, Read Viemeister, FIDSA, during discussions about merging their practices,” recalls Tucker. The Viemeisters and Muller-Munk also studied under the same educators—Donald Donner, Rowena Reed Kostellow, FIDSA; and Alexander Kostellow—who created a shared design pedagogy.

Now, Tucker shares what he sees when he looks ahead. “My story goes beyond silver and steel into our post-industrial future—where those same lessons of collaboration, innovation and beauty are pointing the way toward progress.”