Randall Bartlett

Randall Bartlett, IDSA | Auburn University

Randy Bartlett is an associate professor at Auburn University. Before teaching, Randy’s design career included designing dental equipment, exercise equipment and outdoor lighting products. He’s an active member of IDSA and for the past seven consecutive years he has co-led with RitaSue Siegel, the “Portfolio and Interviewing” seminar at the national conferences.  He is passionate about teaching students and professionals how to improve the impact of their portfolios.
At Auburn University he introduces students to their first comprehensive product design using a systematic approach to problem solving and product development. The portfolio class he teaches has reached national recognition through his efforts with IDSA. Additionally, Bartlett directs the Collaborative Travel Design Program, a ten-week international studio abroad program, which he began in 1996. Students that participate in the program collaborate with design students in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.