Ragouzeos, Dana | Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

Senior Designer and Researcher
Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

Dana Ragouzeos is a senior designer and researcher at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation. She works with an interdisciplinary team embedded in the clinic to design products, processes and services for people who provide, receive and facilitate health care. Before working at Mayo, Ragouzeos worked internationally in the fields of architectural and product design. She’s been fortunate to work in truly diverse teams and appreciates the rigor and empathy necessary to work across disciplines to design truly sustainable solutions. She studied architecture and urbanism at Smith College and product design at California College of the Arts. Her passion for working as a designer embedded within health care began with her graduate work designing interactive support tools for caregivers of dementia patients.


Methods & Means

Breakout Title:
How to Grow a Culture: Lessons learned from the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation

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