Matt Potter, IDSA

I have always had a love for products. My father was a racecar driver and restored classic cars. My mother was a graphic designer. These two influences are what helped me to find my passion, Industrial Design. It did take a while to get there though. Before entering the world of ID, I was a tool and die maker. Being part of the Research and Development team mean’t I was being exposed more and more to the product design process. Eventually I became an Industrial Designer for a Dept. of Defense contractor. While this leap into the field definetely kickstarted my career it was also time to take a step back.

Realizing it would be beneficial to go back to basics I found myself at the California College of the Arts. This has been an amazing experience that has helped me to solidify my foundation to keep me fresh and not rely on previous workflows. As soon as I first visited the Bay Area I felt as if I had arrived home. During this time I have kept busy as a working professional. Industries in which I have worked include weapons, footwear, furniture, retail, smoking accessories and more. I feel very lucky to be able to practice my profession and truly believe in the power that design has on our daily lives.