KAHWAJI, MICHAEL | Whirlpool Corp.

Lead Industrial Designer
Whirlpool Corp.

Michael Kahwaji is a lead industrial designer at Whirlpool Corp. and a member of the Global Consumer Design team. He received his master’s in fine art in industrial design from the University of Notre Dame and a bachelor’s in industrial design from Western Michigan University. He has worked as an industrial designer at Zircon Corp. in San Jose, CA developing DIY and commercial grade tools. He also worked as a graphic designer at DesignCrew in Pasadena, CA. Since his experience as a graduate instructor, Kahwaji has spent considerable time improving the quality of student portfolios, educational experience and mentoring programs. Despite his tough love and candid critiques, Kahwaji has managed to keep most students’ tears at bay with clear directives on how to develop portfolios and resumes. Known for his straightforward approach to design critique, Kahwaji has successfully contributed to the development and placement of more than 100 students.

Workshop Title:
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