John Caruso

John Caruso, IDSA | Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

John Caruso designs products for the home. He has designed for Crate & Barrel and Design Ideas, a manufacturer of high end decorative accessories for the home. He designed the “Ilta” line, “Towers” and the “Corners” line of candleholders amongst others. He designs in materials such as glass, ceramic, aluminum, wood and rubber. Wherever possible, Caruso emphasizes recycled and high content, post-consumer recycled materials. He has designed lighting for Stiffel and Art Specialty Lighting. Caruso has also designed solar lighting for the home for Brinkman Corp, in conjunction with Target Stores, resulting in one of Target’s best selling decorative lamps. [Restore and Restyle, Prarie model solar lighting.]

Caruso lectures regularly on design thinking, product innovation and the design process. His philosophy is that everyone is a designer and that design thinking is a universal human trait. Caruso is an Associate Professor of Industrial Design at MIAD, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He enjoys his leisure time fishing while humming the tune, “Ladies of Spain.”

John Caruso may be reached at 414.847.3362 or at