John Barratt, IDSA

John Barratt, IDSA | Chair, Board of Directors
President & CEO, TEAGUE

IDSA Board Chair-Elect 2014
IDSA Board At-Large Director 2011

John Barratt, IDSA, is president and CEO of legendary design consultancy TEAGUE. Founded in 1926 by design industry icon Walter Dorwin Teague, TEAGUE is considered the most established design consultancy in the world. For the past decade, Barratt has dedicated his time to building on TEAGUE’s heritage; strengthening TEAGUE’s partnerships with some of the world's leading brands including The Boeing Company, Microsoft, Samsung and Intel; and pushing TEAGUE’s longstanding mission “to build a new and better world” into the 21st century.

Barratt began his career in 1990, working as a product designer at Exatiss Concept in Paris. After nearly five years of exhausting hours, exhausting clients, a few design awards and 2400 hours in the Parisian Metro, he moved on to Philips Design in Holland. There he had the great fortune to work under the direction of Stefano Marzano, building and leading design teams that embodied poetic design, articulate and passionate creative direction and a missionary zeal to exceed expectations.

Spending five years at Philips, he held leading positions in their Hong Kong, Eindhoven and New York studios. In his final role as Strategic Design Manager, he established and implemented a coherent brand language across Philips' ranges of telecommunication products; and initiated, mentored, and implemented a future-focused ideation process for the burgeoning mobile phone market. His global experience in both operational and strategic roles at Philips Design facilitated his move to TEAGUE in 1999.

Barratt earned his master’s degree in industrial design from Leicester Polytechnic, UK after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Three Dimensional Design from Teesside Polytechnic, UK.

Under his direction, Teague’s contributions to design have been honored with dozens of prestigious awards including multiple Red Dot, IDEA, Good Design and iF awards. In 2006, the company was presented with DMI’s Design Management Team of the Year Award.
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IDEA, Chairman 2010
IDEA, Brazil 2010
Australian International Design Awards 2010
Spark Award 2010
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I.D Magazine Annual Design Review 2008

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2010 APDF Exchange
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