Jim Bull

Jim Bull
Moving Brands

Jim Bull co-founded Moving Brands in 1998. He was instrumental in developing its innovative approach to branding, storytelling and experience design—which helped the company become the leading independent, global creative company it is today.

As chief creative officer, Bull is responsible for the creative output of the business across its studios in London; New York City; San Francisco; and Zurich. Bull is based in San Francisco, where he has led creative engagements with clients such as Microsoft, Google, Sony, Apple and DeviantArt. Keen is a regular speaker, and often interviewed by creative, design and business publications.

Cultivating The New

Design is connected to everything we see, use and experience with lasting impact on individuals and businesses. Taking a closer look at Research and Development (R&D), we are constantly searching for alternatives that bring efficient solutions to make people's lives easier. Moving Brands will uncover the secrets behind building an R&D approach into your work, whether you're based in an agency, a business or studying at university. It would cover all that we've learned in the past from collaborating with multi-disciplinary experts to engaging users and building useful prototypes. This talk is focused on cultivating this unique spot in a designer's mind and in a business' future growth. Individuals will walk away with concrete, actionable take-aways to make things happen.