Esther Lekeu, IDSA

Esther Lekeu Industrial Designer, at Meta, an augmented reality company based in Silicon Valley, is leading the way in wearable technology design and ergonomics. Meta, enlisted Esther to work on the early versions of the Meta 1 Developer Kit when she was 20 years of age in the final year of her university studies working on a design research project with the Plastic Pollution Coalition in Greece (2014). During her studies Esther was involved with several collaborative projects including a project in Hong Kong with Unilever in Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2013). After graduating from University of Technology Sydney at the end of 2014, she moved from Australia to California to join Meta as employee #27 (and the 6th woman to join Meta). Esther's incredible reactivity to technical problems, her unique perspective, positivity and strong teamwork ethic make her a core member of Meta’s creative team. With the company scaling operations for Meta 2, Esther dove deep into ergonomics projects and human factors research and worked closely with Meta’s research and analytics team to generate several IPs. Esther's unmatchable professionalism, problem solving skills, flexibility and methodological robustness, and her decision making sharpness are hard to find in such a young professional. Integral to her positive work ethic, Esther brings a sense of fun and energy to everything she does and with an ability to pick up problems and own them to solve them, she transpires the experience and the confidence of a mature engineer and researcher.Beyond design Esther has incorporated these practises into her day-to-day life and ethics. At the age of 19 she created Demestos an art project turned business as a stand against the mass production of "disposable clothing". Demestos is a collection of reverse tie dye’s made solely with secondhand apparel sold nationally across Australia through social media (primarily snapchat and instagram) and local festivals. She is also a model with Australian modelling agency Bella Management. As a “curve” model Esther is proud to represent the body positive movement.Esther is also passionate about promoting women in the workplace (and life in general) and was a panelist speaker at the 2016 Grace Hopper Conference, discussing the “hype” and reality of IoT and Wearables.