Dan Kraemer

Dan Kraemer
Founder and Chief Design Officer
IA Collaborative

Dan Kraemer is the Founder and Chief Design Officer at IA Collaborative. An internationally recognized brand, product, interactive and architectural experience designer, Kraemer leads the company’s multidisciplinary design team to identify unseen human needs, frame breakthrough opportunities and drive systemic solutions to commercialization for global brands including FedEx, Gatorade, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Nike and United Airlines. His work has received awards from IDEA, GOOD DESIGN™ and the Red Dot. Kraemer has been featured by Forbes and the BBC and he is a frequent lecturer on the national and international stage.

The Designer’s Unfair Advantage

Designers are board members of industry-leading corporations and founding the world’s most valued start-ups. Companies everywhere are seeking to build the skills, process and mindset that are core to you as a designer. How are you participating in this new era of design's expectation and impact on business? Dan Kraemer will help you channel your own "design thinking” to influence teams, elevate your role and ensure your projects become tomorrow’s breakthroughs. Content will include key insights and lessons told through the process of creating three 2016 IDEA winning innovations.