In Their Own Words...

"IDSA to me is about community. It is a place where designers, innovators, and creatives, all alike, can come together to learn, grow, and help one another. I value my membership because it makes me a part of something bigger than myself. I know that I am a part of a family who shares my passions, and cares about my success."

Justin Shinn, S/IDSA | College for Creative Studies | Member since Oct. 2014

"I love being a part of IDSA!  It keeps me on the cutting edge of news and events surrounding the industry. It also connects me to a larger network of like-minded professionals. Being that I work in a related field, it’s nice to stay connected to my roots in industrial design. My IDSA membership plays a big part in that."

Kat Hodge, IDSA | Director Design Engineering | Design Communications Ltd. | Member since Apr. 2015

“In the decades I’ve been a member of IDSA, the most important aspect to me has been the ability to benchmark my design perspectives and skills against my contemporaries in a professional AND social context.”

Sean Hägen, IDSA | BlackHägen Design | Member since 1992

“For design educators, participation in IDSA is invaluable, both personally and on behalf of our students for two main reasons, each connected. Conferences (for the content and networking) and Chapter events (for the social nature and again, networking).”

David Weightman, IDSA | University of Illinois/Champaign-Urbana | Member since 2004

“I attended my first IDSA Educators' Conference in Dearborn, MI in the late 1980s. I was brand new to teaching and I went with the hopes of making some useful contacts.  I succeeded. I made connections, I formed relationships and I made some new friends!”

Ed Dorsa, IDSA | Virginia Tech | Member since 2008


“The Industrial Designers Society of America is and has always been the cornerstone in my professional life and career development. IDSA is about people, creative people, industrial design people."

David Dombrowski, IDSA, | Pfizer | Member since 1991