Long Cheng

Long Cheng
Product Designer

Long Cheng is a product designer at Pinterest where he focuses on crafting and building the company's Product Design Standards—a collection of principles, components and guidelines for designing at Pinterest. Cheng also worked on the beta version of Buyable Pins and led the initial launch of analytics and promoted Pins. Previously, he interned at YouTube where he worked on​ the YouTube TV apps for Xbox, Playstation, Wii U and smart TVs. Cheng earned a BFA in graphic design with distinction from San Jose State University. 

Building Blocks of Play

Play: how do you create it? The things we make at Pinterest give people the ability to tinker with everyday possibilities. We strive to create seamless product experiences through clarity, consistency, efficiency and collective intelligence, so that people can design their lives Pin by Pin.

Product Designer Long Cheng shares the Pinterest studio’s design language system which encourages that very idea.