Lawrence Murphy, IDSA

Lawrence “Murf” Murphy, IDSA
Chief of Global Design and User Experience
GE Healthcare

After graduating from Syracuse University with a BID in 1980, Lawrence Murphy accepted an entry-level position at what was then GE Medical Systems in Waukesha, WI. In the last 36+ years, “Murf,” as he’s known, has designed products in all of GE Healthcare’s businesses.

He holds patents in MR, X-ray, NUC med, U/S, Patient monitoring/ IT/ CT and GE Energy.

Now, as chief of the Global Design and User Experience team, he’s responsible for design quality and staff development across global design for GE Healthcare. The group represents product design, interaction design and human factors teams—as well as design and usability research in studios located in Shanghai and Chengdu, China Buc, France and Bangalore, India.

Murphy also is part-time faculty member for the GRC and GE corporate management training center in Crotonville NY—teaching technical leadership development courses. He also teaches sketching, concept development and visual brainstorming, and creative problem solving to engineering management and has been a part-time faculty member at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

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