Laura Flanigan

Laura Flanigan
Director of Client Engagement
More from Less

Laura Flanigan has 15 years of experience defining and creating solutions for business innovation and strategic design to help clients achieve their visions for sustainable products, business practices and operations.

Her solutions provide innovative responses to changing market expectations and regulations, enhance brand reputation, develop eco-product claims and create long-term resilient business models and supply chains.

Lessons from a Recovering Sustainability Hopeful


Designers often have a love/hate relationship with packaging. There’s love for innovative, creative, unique and authentic ideas to execute a brand, but hate—that once the product gets home, most packaging ends up in landfills. Are you sick of feeling like you have to look the other way when starting a new design project?

Laura Flanigan of More from Less has spent 10 years working with consumer goods companies to better understand what sustainability really means to them and how to bring it to life in their products and packaging.  “Stand on my shoulders:  start your career with insights on what I wish I’d known about sustainable design when I was starting out.  If we put our heads together, perhaps we’ll square that circle,” she says.

Your key takeaways: What you can do to prepare the way for a more sustainable design and How you can make a business case for incorporating sustainable attributes?