Joyce Hsu

Joyce Hsu
Design Lead
Facebook Surround 360

Joyce Hsu is the design lead for the open source Facebook Surround 360. She is an interdisciplinary artist and designer with a background in both art and architecture and a proven track record for delivering innovative products and design such as the Surround 360 camera.

Hsu received her MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute and a master’s degree in architecture from the California College of the Arts.

Surround 360: The Challenge of Building Open Source Hardware

Facebook has lots of experience building open source software to spur innovation. When the company looked at the 3D 360 camera market, it saw an opportunity to help.

But since the software and hardware in cameras needs to be so tightly integrated, Facebook had to do something new—create open source hardware while designing new techniques for building, explaining and documenting work.

Joyce Hsu, design lead at Facebook Surround 360, will walk you through the process of designing cutting edge hardware with off-the-shelf parts and show you how the company iterated on the hardware to make it not only easy to use—but easy to build. She’ll also share techniques used to document work and make it as easy as possible for people to experiment and build off the Facebook platform.

It’s a journey that’s caught the attention of WiredTech Crunch and The Verge.