Jennifer Peavey, IDSA | How Design and Forecasting Methods can be Used to Inform Material Strategy

The further a company is from the final user in the value chain—the harder it is for a company to view their products in connection with the final user. It can also mean a company does not understand the brands which seek to connect with the final user.

Jennifer Peavey, IDSA, innovation manager at Eastman Chemical Company, finds this is particularly true for raw material suppliers who are near the beginning of the value chain. The company’s ability to continually innovate could be limited without knowing the value proposition to the final user. The inability to communicate the value of the company’s products could make a meaningful discussion with partners and customers difficult; make credibility challenging to establish; and lead to missed opportunities.

Peavey shows how the use of industrial design and forecasting methods could help spark purposeful discussions with those who make strategic decisions inside and outside a company.