Grayson Byrd, IDSA

Grayson Byrd, IDSA
Senior Industrial Designer
Dolby Labs

Grayson Byrd, IDSA, is a senior industrial designer at Dolby Labs, where he works on products that use the science of sight and sound to create and enable spectacular experiences.

With a BS in industrial design from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Byrd first cut his teeth at a few design agencies around Atlanta before joining The Coca-Cola Company to design a variety of packaging, equipment and environments. Now, as part of Dolby’s design team, he works hand in hand with fellow industrial, visual and content designers to create captivating experiences.

Forget You and the Ideas You Rode In On

Coming up with good ideas is what designers do. But do our ideas define us? The reality is, it’s not important where an idea comes from. What matters is how it’s brought to life. 

Grayson Byrd, IDSA, will talk about how loosening your grip on ideas, collaborating with a diverse set of minds and taking the initiative are critical to bringing an idea to life.