Survival Solutions

Amid the devastation of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season and the 8.0-magnitude earthquake in Mexico, Parsons and Japan Foundation launched an innovative project centered around creating design solutions for surviving natural disasters.
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Setting SAIL

University of Oregon's Product Design Program set SAIL in summer 2017 with a new addition to week-long programs designed to help high school students explore career paths.
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Design is Everywhere

“From the workplace to the built environment, thoughtful design can impact and even change the way we experience the world around us,” say organizers of the Detroit Design Festival 2017. See what's on the agenda.

IDSA x Google

Register now for the first IDSA x Google event—the “Sexism in the Workplace” panel—on Sept. 27 in Mountain View, CA.
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Insatiable Curiosity

An IDSA member's 50-year design career now includes a PhD!
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