Upgrade Membership using Seasoned Practitioner Route

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Upgrade Membership using Seasoned Practitioner Route

I am desiring to upgrade my membership from Affiliate to Professional status using the Seasoned Practitioner Route as spelled out in the policy manual. I do not have an Industrial Design degree (nor will present family-raising circumstances allow for that anytime in the foreseeable future). I do, however, have over a dozen years of experience in the ID/product design field, doing everything from customer on-site visits and concept sketches, to CAD design and digital sculpting.

I understand that I need to submit a letter and resume to the national office stating my qualifications for entry. What specifically, would you like to have spelled out in such a resume? Would you like to see project sketches, drawings, etc.?

Also, I only personally know one other professional member of IDSA. Would any of you be willing to sponsor me without personal knowledge of me? (I will be attending the International Conference in Detroit, if that helps.)

Thank you in advance for helping in my effort to become part of this distinguished community!


Rules for Seasoned Practitioner Route:

Procedures for Earning Professional
Membership as a Seasoned Practitioner
Applicants wishing to utilize the Seasoned Practitioner
route to professional membership must have a
minimum of seven years of experience as a designer
and/or design educator and must submit a letter and
resume to the national office stating their
qualifications for entry. Three professional members
of the Society selected by the candidate shall review
the letter and resume. The members must state, in
writing, that they support the applicant’s professional
membership based upon their personal knowledge of
the individual and their review of the written
credentials as they relate to the Society’s Bylaws
provisions regarding admission via the Seasoned
Practitioner route.

Hello Brad, I think we could better assist you by continuing the communications we were having in the last couple of days. This is a very narrow route for exceptions to the standard, and by its very nature has discretion attached even though there are requirements. Jordan Fleger (JordanF@idsa.org, 703.707.6000 x127) returned your call yesterday and left you information in a voice message. Please call him at your earliest convenience and we will continue to assist you with your request. Thanks.