What are your tips for design job seekers?

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What are your tips for design job seekers?

My advice would be to reach out to your peers and possible role models in the community. I feel that designers like to help one another if they are able, and at the very least are usually open to expanding their network.

Tell the story of what decisions, information, influences, etc. went into each of your projects. Too many portfolios are missing important parts of the project story. When we hire a designer, we are hiring a brain not purchasing a product or final solution. We want to see multiple ideas and solutions that were considered. We want to see that you know how to do informal research and how to use formal research. We want to see how you worked through any technical considerations and if you collaborated with others. The whole story.

Often times, the process is even more important than the final product. Hiring Managers want to see how you went about solving the problem, not necessarily what it ended up being. We notice that Senior Designers will forget this when they are putting their portfolio's together. Show the work! It goes back to the age old saying, "what you show is what we know". The sexy, final shot is important, but how did you get to "sexy"? Marianne said it best, tell the story, "the whole story".