Whipsaw is an industrial design and engineering consulting firm located in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA. Whipsaw creates highly successful, award-winning products in the consumer electronic, housewares, medical, industrial and business product categories. Some of our market hits include the Google Chromecast, Nike FuelBand, Dell Precision line, Dropcam security cameras, Livescribe computer pens, Eton emergency radios and music players, Adiri baby bottle, Cisco TelePresence systems, Cisco/Linksys routers, Yubo lunch boxes, Intel healthcare tablets, IGT slot machines, Kaleidescape Cinema One, Leapfrog LeapPads, Roku TV boxes and TPLink networking devices.

Our purpose is to create excellent products and experiences that advance the state-of-the art, while helping people in a meaningful way, and to help our clients succeed. Our solutions always aim to support our clients' business objectives with a goal to increase revenue, improve market position and enhance corporate value. One of Whipsaw’s strengths is its team of experienced and talented individuals. Every Whipsaw project team is tailor made for each client by matching the best individual strengths and skills for the given problem.

Whipsaw has demonstrated a keen ability to “break through the noise” with design solutions that are beautiful, functional, unique, appropriate, lasting and simple. Whipsaw has won more than 160 industrial design awards since its founding in 1999, including many IDEA, CES Innovations, Red Dot, iF, MDEA, GMark and D&AD awards. Whipsaw’s work and views have been published in Axis, Business Week, Design Report, Domus, Form, Fortune, ID Magazine, Metropolis, Newsweek, New York Times, Time, Wall Street Journal and Wired. Fast Company magazine ranked Whipsaw among the Top 5 design firms in the world.

Project Portfolio



  • Adiri Baby Bottle

    The Adiri Natural Nurser is a radically new kind of baby bottle. It has a natural breastlike shape, and it is completely soft and desirable to baby. The bottle is a single overmolded part, with pliable elastomer molded over a colored polypropylene core. The bottle opening is large so it’s easy to fill and clean. The cap contains an integrated diaphragm vent so the bottle can breathe, reducing bubbles that cause colic. Natural Nurser is safe for baby because it contains no BPA or phthalates like other bottles. Featured in the New York Times, Metropolis, USA Today and NPR, more than half a million bottles have been sold worldwide, now under the WaterGeeks brand.

  • ApniCure® Winx™ Sleep Therapy System

    Winx is an innovative medical device for treating obstructive sleep apnea, a common sleep-related breathing disorder. The system operates by applying a gentle negative pressure through a novel mouthpiece to urge airway obstructing tissues (soft palate and tongue) forward, thereby keeping the airway open during sleep. Winx consists of a quiet bedside console connected to a fitted mouthpiece with small flexible tubing. The console generates the negative pressure, collects excess saliva, and provides operation and usage feedback. Winx is simple to use, comfortable, quiet, compact and travel friendly, offering many advantages over the current standard of care (CPAP) by eliminating the need for a facemask, headgear, humidifier and pressurized air. Winx solves a serious problem in a brand new way, representing a key combination of disruptive technology, appropriately simple design and highly effective, clinically proven performance.

  • Cisco Systems Routers

    In 2007, these routers ushered in a new brand identity for Cisco/Linksys. Mobile magazine said it best: “If most routers look like Volvos, the new routers from Linksys look like Ferraris.” Instead of the typical external stick antennas, we embedded the antennas in a wing that runs around the perimeter of the product. These wing antennas not only improved signal performance but gave the routers a hot new look for a wireless product. “This product family represents a new focus on creating products with the consumer in mind, and it showcases how Linksys is taking WirelessN to new levels of design, performance and ease of use,” says Greg Memo, VP, Linksys of the routers, which sold worldwide in very high volume.

  • Cisco Systems UMI


    UMI represents a fundamentally new way to communicate. It enables families in different geographic locations to conduct video calls between their televisions, where individuals see each other in high resolution and large scale, making the interaction feel very realistic. It is the next best thing to being there in person. The UMI camera sits atop one’s existing TV, and calls are initiated and controlled via a handheld remote. Our iconic ID of the system is brand defining, clean, unobtrusive and easy to use. Our engineering of the camera is a compact symphony of moving parts including the adjustable lens, light baffles and shutter door.

  • Dell Precision Line

    The Precision T series is Dell’s new high performance workstation line, aimed at prosumers and

    professionals that require high performance computing such as CAD or CG. Precision is a groundup


    with an all new efficient component layout and brand new look by Whipsaw. We sought to create a clean,

    purposeful and powerful design, befitting of its capabilities and to project confidence to its demanding users.

    The machines require abundant airflow to cool, so we invented a diamond perforated pattern that is 85%

    open but because of its louvered 3d geometry you can’t see directly through it. Two thick aluminum handles

    make it easy to carry and all access is through a big side door. The interiors are much cleaner than the

    previous generation and drive bays and power supplies are now toolless.

  • Dropcam Pro Security Camera

    Dropcam Pro is a compact WiFi

    security camera for monitoring one’s home. Live or recorded video streams

    directly to the cloud, and then to any computer or smartphone so you can keep an eye on your kids, pets,

    or valuable property. Dropcam sits on a table or mounts to a wall and can be pointed anywhere at any

    subject with its unique threeaxis

    tilt/swivel/camera rotation feature. It incorporates twelve infrared led

    illuminators around the lens that provide night vision. The camera can snap out of its hole to give users even

    more freedom as to how to use it. Dropcam Pro is a good example of Whipsaw’s holistic design: it solves a

    problem in a clever way, it works well, looks good, is well made, conserves material and energy,

    incorporates smart technology, and it’s a breeze to use.

  • Eton FRX Series

    The FRX series (FRX1/2/3) is the newest line of emergency radios we designed for Eton. They are powered

    by a central hand turbine and feature AM, FM, weather band and lighting. An integrated smart phone

    charger powers a 30 second phone call with one minute of cranking. The bold X frame on all FRX’s not only

    looks strong to communicate reliability, but is strong to withstand extreme abuse during emergencies. All

    details and controls are protected within the X frame without compromising access. FRX is surprisingly

    simple in construction and finish in order to keep production costs low and part quality high.

  • Eton Rugged Rukus

    Rugged Rukus is a solar powered wireless sound system. It has a 135mm square solar panel, allowing for

    continuous music play while outdoors. It is designed for outdoor use, featuring an IPX4


    housing, a full rubber enclosure, and an impact resistant solar panel. Two corner brackets allow one to

    attach it to a backpack, hang it in a tent, or strap it to a bike. The speakers face forward during use or face

    down for compact storage. Rugged Rukus is one of Eton’s bestselling

    products, sold in Apple stores, REI,

    Best Buy, Amazon and many others.

  • Eton TurboDyne Series

    Introduced January 2011, the Turbodyne Series are serious American Red Cross multipurpose tools for

    emergency use. We set out to create the ultimate emergency electronic product line that provided users

    valuable assistance when they needed it most. What makes it excellent is the useful functionality, a radical

    “emergency aesthetic”, superb human factors, quality materials, and their internal renewable power source.

    Each product contains a powerful dynamo crank that powers emergency radio channels and a phone. Road

    Torq is a roadside emergency tripod with a very bright flashlight and emergency flasher. Axis and Rover are

    high power dynamo crank radios that integrate wideband, AM/FM/NOAA and cell phone charger. All crank

    arms, crank hubs, and the AXIS handle are strong die cast aluminum.

  • Flux Router

    Flux is a highend router intended to reveal how routers work by showcasing the antenna technology inside,

    thereby changing the common perception that routers are lackluster devices. Each fully functional

    polymorphic antenna is a piece of stamped sheet metal with a plurality of shapes, angles and arms that act

    as frequency transceivers. By exposing and featuring in a window what would normally be hidden inside the

    box, we turned the wireless technology element into art. Suddenly a router seems profound, interesting and

    even important, which it is rapidly becoming.

  • Huawei Orb USB Modem

    Orb is a wireless mobile hotspot and modem, used to set up a local WiFi environment. It plugs into any

    notebook computer, allowing up to five portable devices like phones to join into your notebook’s fast WiFi

    connection. The flush protected USB connector folds down to plug in, and then the unit can rotate up to 180

    degrees to provide the best signal. The unit can fold down when the notebook is closed. Most USB devices

    are uninteresting little necessities, but we wanted this one to be special. Its pure geometric form, exquisite

    materials and clever rotating configuration offer a new take on the category while also providing ease of use

    and pride of ownership.

  • Kaleidescape Cinema One

    Cinema One is a movie server that stores up to 600 DVD or 100 Bluray

    movies and plays them in the

    highest audio and video quality possible – without previews, menus or ads. Browse your collection in a

    handsome interface or be inspired by movies presented by genre, director or actor, then download movies

    from the Kaleidescape Store. Whipsaw created this stunningly clean design, complete with packaging and

    select user interface. The front surface of Cinema One is a complex eightlayer

    film molded over clear plastic

    that allows the backlit gem logo and button icons to glow according to machine status and ambient lighting

    conditions. The overall Kaleidescape experience combines hardware, software and services into nothing less

    than cinematic brilliance.

  • Livescribe Livescribe 3

    Livescribe 3 is a “wireless ink pen” that instantly syncs your handwritten notes with your iPhone or iPad. A

    Livescribe 3 app then allows you to share your digitized notes via email,

    SMS, AirDrop, Dropbox or

    Evernote. It also records audio at the time of writing a note and syncs the audio with your scribbled notes.

    Whipsaw also designed its predecessor, Echo, but this time around we made the Livescribe 3 more in the

    vernacular of a refined and comfortable classic pen, featuring sleek forms, a diamond knurl pattern, chromed

    steel, and polished polycarbonate. To turn it on twist the middle ring, this also withdraws a ballpoint nib. A

    capacitive nub on the top is used as a touch screen stylus, underneath which is a charging port. A camera

    on the tip registers the pens location on optional Livescribe dot paper so one can tap on a note later to hear

    audio at the time of writing. The L3 experience feels magical, or as David Pierce of the Verge said:

    “Livescribe’s beautiful new smartpen turns pen and paper into apps and pixels”.

  • Merck Millipore Muse Cell Analyzer

    Muse is an automated human cell analyzer, used in medical labs to help diagnosis disease and conduct

    research. It quickly identifies cell type, quantity, density, and life state. Our challenge was to incorporate

    MM’s technology into an easy to use, small, beautiful machine. Muse is the smallest machine of its kind,

    and also the simplest to use. A cell sample is placed in the loading arm and raised into the machine which

    initiates the testing sequence. All controls are on the 7″ touchscreen. We assigned all user access to the

    front and top so Muse can be sandwiched between other equipment in a crowded lab. We gave Muse a

    flowing wrap form to coadunate the design, and a fresh lime color to liven up the lab. Our engineering

    provided a compact configuration and a slick dual action loading mechanism which lifts and withdraws the

    sample simultaneously into the machine.

  • Pano Logic Zero Client Computer

    Pano is a serverbased

    corporate computer. Called a Zero Client, it is a tiny hardwareonly


    containing no software, CPU or memory. The user plugs in his keyboard, display and mouse into Pano, and

    then plugs it into the network. Pano operates like a PC but it consumes 3% of the energy, uses 4% of the

    material to make it; and is one hundred times smaller. Because it is a “zero client”, we made it a “zero

    design” – it is a plain 3” x 2” zinc box with a mirror finish, causing it to blend into its surroundings. Pano’s

    austere form, density, tiny size, and reflective surfaces gives it a futuristic quality. “Pano is both sex and art

    – all 9 cubic inches of it”, said Wired Magazine. Nick Gault, CEO, said “It’s impossible to quantify the

    massive effect Whipsaw’s design has had in terms of generating media coverage, winning deals, and

    creating brand. The design is lean, clean, and responsible”. Over 50 articles have raved about Pano. Wall

    Street Journal wrote “This little box may someday replace your PC.”

  • Qbotix Solbot

    Solbot is a solar tracking robot used in photovoltaic power stations to adjust multiple solar arrays for

    optimum sunlight positioning. The robot travels on a rail and adjusts each solar panel to optimally face the

    sun, returning in regular 40 minute intervals to make precise adjustments as the sun moves across the sky.

    The benefits of this solar tracking system are significant, namely the robot replaces hundreds of individual

    motors and controllers found on conventional tracking systems, it improves system reliability and control, is

    easier to set up, and it reduces the overall cost of a solar farm. Whipsaw’s role was to make Solbot robust,

    weatherproof, serviceable, safe and attractive.

  • Topcon Commercial GPS Line

    Whipsaw designed and engineered the highly acclaimed and marketleading

    Topcon commercial GPS

    product line. These products are used by surveyors, civil engineers, farmers, and contractors to establish an

    exact position on earth or to guide moving equipment like tractors and road graders using GPS technology.

    Whipsaw created all Topcon products to be easy to use, balanced, and quick to deploy. We unified the

    product line with an appropriate and confident “tool” aesthetic that is unique to Topcon. We engineered

    these products to withstand anything – they are incredibly rugged, dropproof

    and waterproof to IPX6 & 7

    standards. Whipsaw also accelerated the product timetomarket,

    reduced product cost, and streamlined

    the development and production process of each product.

  • Yubo Lunchbox

    Yubo is a customizable, cleanable, and functional lunchbox. Faceplate graphic panels drop into the front

    and back lids (users choose from over 100 faceplate sets or they upload personal photos to getyubo.com for

    printing). Yubo has 3 food container sizes so plastic and paper bags are no longer needed. Yubo has a

    unique form factor, with an open core ring with identical lids on both sides. The core ring, offered in 3 colors,

    has a rib running around its center for attaching the handle and accessories. Yubo disassembles in seconds

    for dishwasher cleaning. Whipsaw is partial company owner and we provided all ID and Branding elements.

    Featured in Fast Company, MSNBC, Redbook, Growing Green, and more.





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Whipsaw has won more than 160 Industrial Design Awards including many Red Dot, IDEA, GMark, GOOD Design; iF, Spark, D&AD and MDEA.
Whipsaw has also been granted 250+ patents.
Our creations are in the permanent collection at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.
Design Museum, Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the Pasadena Museum of California Art.


Industrial Design, Engineering, Branding, Interaction Design, Research, Product Development


Abbott Labs, Alza, Apnicure, Aristocrat, Avaya, Avery, Bobrick, Cisco Systems, Colgate, Dell, Dropcam, Eton, Gatan, GE, Google, Griffin, Haier, Highfive, Huawei, IGT, Intel, Kaleidescape, Leapfrog, Leitz, Livescribe, Merck, Motorola, Netgear, Nike, Olympus, Pano Logic, Pioneer, Roku, Samsung, SunPower, ThermoScientific, Topcon, TPLink, Yubo and more.



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