solidThinking, Inc.

solidThinking, Inc. develops innovative software tools that help designers invent, explore and evaluate new ideas easily, rapidly and cost-effectively.
solidThinking Evolve™ is a 3D conceptual design software that empowers designers to swiftly capture their latest sketch or concept with powerful NURBS modeling tools, highly intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) and advanced ConstructionTree™ history. Using its super-fast interactive rendering, designers can visualize their product designs in stunning and photorealistic environments. Models can be exported as a solid in many popular formats.
solidThinking Inspire™ is a user-friendly tool which provides the ideal structural shape for a design based on the loading conditions, material, and package space provided. Using this tool early in the process often leads to a unique design with significant weight and time savings.
All solidThinking products are available on Windows and Mac operating systems.  Support and training are provided by a network of capable partners.
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Contact: Jim Hassberger, Vice President of Business Development
Address: 1820 E. Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI  48083
Phone: 248-614-2400
Fax: 248-614-2411