In 2009 Iteration was formed as a spin off from its sister company. Here at Iteration we focus our efforts on providing solutions to aid in the market opportunities of our clients. We bring innovation, beauty, and manufacturing prowess combined with a unique sales and marketing angle. We explore emotion and attitude from day one with creative validation and presentation of our concepts. We believe a new product should fit in every way with what our clients are trying to achieve.

The experience of Iteration spans many industries including Power Tools, Furniture, Appliances, and Medical Equipment. The Team brings a vast knowledge of manufacturing and has been directly involved in development processes from concept generation to production piece part design. The affiliation that we maintain with FarmCP allows us to create the photo-quality imagery and animations for our clients.

We are able to give our clients all the marketing collateral they need to get their products on the shelves. We use expertise from all our resources to unite the development process. Our technical ability, design experience and product passion enable us to develop the innovation our clients desire. We are breaking the mold when it comes to how the design process can work. We are developing innovative ways to track trends in the market place. We are creating tools to give our client more input in the design process. We are continuing to raise the bar with our concept presentations in terms of realism and completeness.

Contacts: Adam Erwin
Address: 322 S Green St, Ste. 208, Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: 312.636.8093