Fippex understands the unique challenges design companies face when managing the product development process. Projects are complex, detailed, and contain a vast array of content.  What if there was a better way to capture, organize, and manage the constant exchange of information that takes place between design professionals and clients during the life cycle of a project?

The Fippex platform was built to meet specific needs of the design industry.To offer a branded portal that gives clients an easier way to access their project information 24/7 so they have the information they need, when they need it.

  • To centralize and organize all projects into a secure, cloud-based environment that eliminates information silos and bridges communication gaps.
  • To create a unified workspace for every project where members can conveniently share information, manage tasks, and collaborate on all project details.
  • To capture and record project activity, providing valuable analytics which are utilized for more effective follow-up.

 Learn how industry leaders are using Fippex technology to better communicate with their customers.
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