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Design Central is an innovation consultancy that brings power to organizations by Identifying opportunities for compelling solutions through research, design, user experience and engineering.                       

We provide targeted solutions to our clients by applying the full spectrum of innovation. Our integrated methodology ensures that insights are gained at every step of the process, each building on the other. These insights emerge through visually innovative designs that converge with manufacturable execution. Our results are embodied by brands that engage and ideas that delight with intuitive interactions and compelling simplicity.






Project Portfolio



  • Artromick Avalo
    Design Central developed an industry icon that that is still the market leading product line after almost twenty years.

    Artromick, now Capsa HealthCare, was the industry leader in the delivery of medication administration carts marketed to nursing and pharmacy providers in the US. In 1998 adjustments in medication reimbursement changed Artromick’s business to a commodity market overnight. To thrive, Artromick needed to stabilize their business and increase margins while establishing a benchmark in the industry.

    As Artromick’s complete outsource R&D partner, Design Central responded with research, analysis, design and engineering to meet the business objectives of cost reduction, product line consolidation, modern appearance and integrated features, establishing a high quality product line to cement Artromick’s position as market leader. 

    Design Central’s team of designers and engineers developed the feature-rich Avalo line to reduce the cost of manufacturing over 50%, meet per unit margin goals and extend into a full range of product extensions, which allowed Artromick dramatic sustained return on investment.

  • P&C Pharma QuartetRx
    The power of collaboration enabled Design Central to bring QuartetRx to life.

    The process of oral liquid compounding had been unchanged for years with continual problems of contamination, loss of medication, cross-contamination, dose uniformity and worker safety. Automated hard dose milling eliminates these problems and improves palatability, dose uniformity, compliance and most importantly, swallowing ability for the patient.

    The QuartetRx device offers greater efficiency to pharmacies by compounding up to four formulations at once. Simple, error-proof programming and unattended cycles along with a small footprint, quiet operation and easy portability fit into any medical environment.

    A complete design and engineering effort including proof of concept, functional prototyping, pre-production designs and Beta prototyping allowed P&C Pharma to secure second and third tier funding. QuartetRx underwent validation testing in hospital pharmacies and is on its way to becoming the industry’s first automated oral liquid compounding device.

  • Zimmer Biomet A.T.S. Tourniquet System
    Design Central developed a compelling visual brand strategy and digital user interface.

    Zimmer Biomet is the market leader for tourniquet system technology and has had a dominant market share for years. When Zimmer approached Design Central, they were facing competition from products made to encroach on their market position.

    The visual brand strategy for Zimmer’s family of ATS tourniquet resulted in an inherently intuitive to use line of products.  The new graphical user interface, which replaced an analog interface includes icons, logic, and a multi-language navigation system for both the user and diagnostics, as well as an iPad application to support sales and training. Product development included product architecture, design, CAD geometry and support for agency approval of the device.

    With the innovation and design of its family of ATS products, Design Central helped Zimmer Biomet maintain its leadership position. The visually innovative product aesthetic applied over the line of products continues to build Zimmer Biomet’s brand and the new interface satisfies the needs of the user, leading to positive outcomes for medical professionals and patients.

  • Midmark Power Exam Table
    Design Central developed a user-centered product to meet client and market demand.

    As part of a long-term relationship Design Central partnered with Midmark to develop a new platform of exam tables for use in various care exchange environments. Through research we discovered that the exam table is pivotal in providing positive patient and care giver experience in medical environments and revealed a need for improved features such as accessibility and comfort, which dramatically influence the interaction between stakeholders and ultimately effect patient – care giver relationship and trust.

    The new design reflects this better understanding of patients and care givers needs in the care environment. The exam table achieves the low entry height of ADA recommended 18 inches, and a full range of adjustability to provide care givers un-encumbered access to the patient, increasing overall efficiency during the care exchange.  The exam table is welcoming, with easier access on and off, and increased comfort for patients that are pregnant, elderly or are obese.

    The Power Exam Table has enhanced Midmark’s position in a very competitive market, meeting new market demands and elevating the experience for the patient and care giver alike. Introductory sales of the chair set a Midmark record by exceeding preliminary sales forecasts.

  • Hoover Floormate Wet/Dry Hard Floor Cleaner
    Design Central expertly engineered 3 products at breakneck speed

    Hoover (now Techtronic) came to Design Central to combat competitive brands entering the market by repositioning itself as the market leader with a wet/dry hard floor cleaner product. The new product was to be manufactured overseas to take advantage of low-cost, quick turn-around suppliers to meet market demands yet had to maintain the high-quality standards synonymous with the Hoover brand.

    The development team fully engineered 3 unique floor cleaner products comprised of over 350 individual parts. Each product was designed and developed as a complete working prototype with design for manufacturing. Close collaboration with Chinese manufacturers was mandatory to optimize the designs for quality, function, manufacturing and cost reduction.

    In three months, armed with tenacity, creativity and a little too much caffeine, Design Central worked to expertly design engineer, test and “ship to China” 3 complex electro-mechanical floor cleaner systems that seamlessly fit within the Hoover Brand.

  • Whirlpool Corporation Duet Fabric Care System
    Design Central helped design an industry benchmark

    In 1999 Whirlpool needed to develop a robust, high end front loading washer and dryer system able to transition between market segments in the US and Europe while integrating manufacturing processes to achieve lowest cost. Design Central worked with Whirlpool's internal design group, both in the US and Europe to develop three design directions based on a single internal platform to maximize shared components but not sacrifice visual brand distinctions. 

    The integration of unique to model componentry along with distinct visual cues set the brands apart beautifully.  Indexing of the brands was achieved and extended manufacturing efficiencies and visual designs were classified into brand differentiators.

    The Whirlpool Duet, Kenmore Elite, and Bauknecht Fabric Care Systems were introduced into the market in the most aggressive launch series at the time, creating a new benchmark for front loading units in the industry.  Demand for the highly appealing new design was the largest ever in Whirlpool's history. The products’ successful design helped elevate customer and competitor perception of their competencies in product innovation, technology, manufacturing processes, and organization.

  • Crown Equipment
    Design Central’s long-term partnership yielded award-winning design

    Crown Equipment Corporation is a leading manufacturer of innovative heavy-duty electric lift trucks. As a twenty year partner in Crown’s development process Design Central helped bring visual and ergonomic distinction to a traditionally industrial category.

    Understanding each task the operator must perform is the design focus for every Crown product. Extensive user research was performed to understand how operators use their equipment to identify the efficiencies and increase performance and safety for the user.  Each exploration yielded new and important data driving innovative design development and ergonomic configurations to benefit the user.

    In collaboration with Crown, Design Central received 9 design awards.  

  • Design Central developed a first-to-market system to answer caregiving needs.

    The Vital Signs Device is part of a multi-function vitals acquisition system. Its small, flat work surface can house wireless computing devices and keyboards on a wall mounted unit or mobile cart and was designed to respond to personal work styles of the caregiver. The device and new IQConnect interface can work independently or serve as a hub for vitals acquisition and data integration into Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

    Research revealed new requirements in the care environment that call for a flexible, more efficient work and care flow experience between caregiver and patient. The new design intuitively connects devices and data to afford an integrated workflow, avoid transcription errors and transition data to a network-wide platform. The system integrates seamlessly into the Midmark Ecosystem, and eliminates manual vitals entry, enabling caregivers to concentrate on taking patient vitals rather than wrestling with technology hurdles; this not only saves time but improves the care experience.

    The development of the Vital Signs System is a response to the changing healthcare market and user expectations. Design Central partnered with Midmark on extensive research about the care exchange environment and implemented the learning by developing the Midmark Ecosystem including the IQVitals System, IQVitals Zone and IQConnect interface, giving caregivers a purposeful vitals exam space.





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