CONWED- Global Netting Solutions

“You will find us in the most unexpected places.”

Conwed has over 45 years of experience manufacturing the leading plastic netting portfolio in the world. Our products are key components in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.  From medical, hygiene and consumer-packaged goods to automotive, filtration and wind energy products, we deliver superior and diverse functionalities.

Industrial designers, engineers and R&D professionals thrive on the versatility that Conwed netting designs provide to their product development projects.  Let us share our capabilities and long list of successful applications with your team of designers and engineers.

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Core Products & Technologies
-Extruded Square, Flat and Diamond netting
-Co-extrusion, Bi-component and Elastomeric netting
-Extruded cylinder tubes
-Oriented netting
-Knitted netting

Conwed Netting Capabilities
-Containment        -Stretch
-Reinforcement     -Packaging
-Protection            -Lamination
-Separation           -Degradability and more.

Contact: Ivan Soltero, Strategic Marketing Manager – Industrial
Address: 1300 Godward St. NE Suite 5000, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: 612-623-2535