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At Brio Innovation our specialty is product design.  Our strategy, enriched by a collaborative approach, yields optimal results. We study and analyze the context and realities of the market in which your business evolves to acquire a deep understanding of your company culture, your branding and your growth potential. We target opportunities and ensure the creation of innovative and appealing products conceived to surprise and exceed market expectations.

 Brio Innovation offers a broad range of services available to manufacturing businesses. We propose a variety of solutions that will integrate into your flow of activities and follow your objectives: revamp existing products, diversify business offers or develop new market segments.

In a nutshell we offer growth options for your future.

  • Bombardier Transportation | Metrolinx LRV

    Bombardier Transport gave us the mandate to develop a visual concept for the interior, exterior and platform of the next area tramway for greater Toronto. This project was completed in collaboration with European and North American Bombardier internal research and development teams

  • Magnum Racing | Magnum MK5

    The Magnum MK5 is a track-focused lightweight supercar.  Its Speedster styling is perfect for both the thrills of track days and Sunday drives. Its bold and intricate design matches its cutting-edge and high performance spirit. The MK5’s remarkable handling and speed offer a driving experience like no other.

    "Brio's great expertise and ability to understand what we were trying to communicate made them the perfect design partners. Their team's creativity, remarkable CAD modeling skills and professionalism allowed our project to flow and for our vision to become a reality” points out Bruno St-Jacques, President and Chief Designer of Magnum.

  • Campagna motors | V13R

    Brio Innovation took part in the conception and technical development of a three wheel roadster. Inspired by the American car culture, the objective was to conceive a vehicle which would procure strong emotions and make heads turn.

    Brio had to insure the development of different components of the body and cockpit. Brio participated in all the conception steps from stylistic analysis to technical development.

  • Campagna Motors | T-Rex Dashboard

    With the introduction of a new power plant in their T-Rex vehicle, Campagna needed to rethink the T-Rex’s dashboard in order to accommodate the engine related electronic components as well as new functionalities for the user. Brio collaborated with Campagna on this redesign by contributing its expertise in design, ergonomics and product development.

  • Standard Doors | Patio Door Handle

    Standard Doors has given Brio the mandate to realize the conception, technical development and 3D modeling of their new patio door handle. This new model with more contemporary lines is compatible with the whole range of doors produced by the client.

  • Novabus | York Transit

    Novabus requested Brio to review the interior and exterior coloration of the bus used in the metropolitan area of Toronto. Brio analyzed the Viva branding to insure the application of graphical elements on the buses in a coherent manner. Brio also participated in the conception and technical development of the driver's post.

  • Prevost | H-Series

    In conjunction with Prevost Design Group, Brio Innovation helped to redefine the exterior and interior characteristics of the "H-Series" coaches based on the targeted visual identity. The project has led to the development of several components of the body as well as an interior color collection.

  • Sonomax | Eers

    Brio Innovation was given the mandate to conceive and to technically develop the manufacturing device of intra-auricular personalised headphones Sonomax Eers. We have reinvented the silicone injection mechanism in order to offer users a simpler experience: only Only 2 two simple actions are required to inject and perfectly fit the headphone ear piece.molded headphones. ??don’t really understand what you mean?

    Eers intra-auricular headphones were awarded a Best of Innovation Award at the 2012 International CES show in Las Vegas.

  • CAE | Sirovision

    In collaboration with CAE's research and development team, Brio completed the conception, the technical development and the 3D modeling of a stereo camera case. This teamwork has allowed us to insure the compatibility of the case with the mechanical/electronic group made available by the engineering team at CAE. Its robustness and waterproofing make it a professional piece of equipment adapted to the most demanding mining work while being easy to use due to the attention given to the ergonomics.

  • Mission | Intake II

    While considering the formal elements that have made the Mission Intake I helmet a success, Brio had the mandate to conceive a new helmet with more aggressive lines characteristic of the Mission brand.  We were also asked to propose solutions for integrated adjustment for a good hold. Working jointly with Mission's R&D team, we have completed the technical development and 3D modeling of this high performance hockey helmet.

  • Medical Devices

    Brio has led multiple mandates concerning medical device projects.  Our dedication to answering every customer need leads us to identify the most innovative, cost effective and safe solutions for our clients and their patients.  

  • Alcoa Canada | Wahu

    As part of the Alcoa Canada design competition, Brio Innovation proposed Wahu, a cooking table that redefines summer meals with friends or family. By integrating the barbecue at the center of the table, Wahu invites conviviality by transcribing codes from ''fondue'' winter evenings.

    By sliding open the two tabletops, the user reveals an aluminum central structure on which are grafted a series of accessories that meet the user’s needs (barbecue, serving tray and ice bucket).

    The design of this table is based on the proper use of aluminum and accentuates its qualities while meeting the expectations of the most gourmets amongst us.

    With this concept, Brio Innovation has risen among the finalists.


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Our expertise and efficiency have often been recognized through projects that have received numerous prizes and distinctions.
Furthermore, in the field of industrial design, Brio Innovation is solicited as a major actor to intervene in professional and educational conferences.


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