IDSA District Design Conferences

2016 Northeast Conference

Welcome to the 2016 IDSA Northeast District Design Conference: I am a Designer: AMA

I am a Designer will highlight Influential speakers, leaders in the design community and masters of their craft—all posing the challenge: “Ask Me Anything (AMA).” The purpose of the AMA format: to import the aspirational norms of honesty and authenticity from anonymous internet forums into a public venue during the entire conference. In short—an honest question gets an honest answer. The goal is to design a highly interactive experience—creating connected conversation among presenters, participants and sponsors.

2016 Midwest Conference

Welcome to the 2016 IDSA Midwest District Design Conference: Disrupt, Construct and Transform.

Industrial design is out. User experience design is in. As our roles change and morph, how do we visualize and frame our unique challenges and opportunities, and define and articulate the things that will set apart our ideas and our work? How should we measure and define success?

2016 South Conference

Welcome to the 2016 South District Design Conference: desXgn - experience is everything.

Industrial designers are a melting pot of technical skill, raw talent and a willingness to explore. A successful designer must be able to speak many "languages" expertly to bring ideas to reality—and work with a wide range of other disciplines along the way. The ideal outcome of this multidisciplinary approach—revolutionary products that are beautiful, blur lines, make an impact and change people’s lives for the better.

2016 Central Conference

Welcome to the 2016 IDSA Central District Design Conference: Industrial “Strength” Design brought to you by GE Appliances.

If there was ever a perfect time to unleash the raw power of the fundamentals of industrial design, it’s now! Today, we are experiencing an amazing intersection of mighty forces—connectivity, digitization, mobility, autonomy, sensorification and electrification in numerous product categories. Because of these forces, our world is going to be full of lucrative opportunities and surprising new challenges via the emergence of new business models.

2016 West Conference

Welcome to IDSA’s 2016 West District Design Conference, DESIGN: GIFT Empathy Driven Solutions.

Life is challenging. Often, distractions create tension between the things we have to do—and the things we want to do. Experience the adrenaline rush of working alongside people you have never met before, and analyzing rapidly using empathetic drivers to assess, create, prototype and present solutions. You need cool nerves, quick reflexes and a clear understanding of what a gift it is, to be able to design and find answers. The rewards of this design swarm will be great indeed!