Elaboration | Theme and Format

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Midwest District Vice-President David Weightman, IDSA provides more detail on this year's conference theme and how the content will be presented when things kick off in St. Louis on April 1:

"Compare and contrast is one of those phrases we are familiar with from our early days at school and it is an approach that all designers use at one time or another.

Whether it be different products, ideas, outcomes, methodologies or philosophies, we match different things together as a means of evaluating them and learning from the process. We plan to develop this approach at the conference by offering a diverse range of views, ideas and experiences to attendees.

The format of short presentations in a single stream enables everyone to experience every contribution without the usual conference dilemma of choosing which presentations to go to, and which you are going to miss.

So it should be an interesting and eclectic ride, with a great speaker list of presenters from all over the US." 

We've got more info on those speakers right here. Also, if you'd like to register for the conference (which would arguably be the smartest thing you could do today), you can sign up right here.