2019 IDSA Education Symposium

Call for Education Papers & Proposals


Dear Educators,

We’re very excited to kick off the call for papers and proposals for the 2019 IDSA Education Symposium which will take place in Chicago, IL.

Help us enrich content by submitting a paper, panel discussion or workshop with the theme of “Looking Ahead: The Future of Design Education. As part of an effort to rejuvenate the spectrum talking points year over year, we ask you to articulate your thoughts and fill-in-the-blank with what best reflects your philosophy/interest.

Design educators have a great impact on future generations of designers and it’s very likely your distinctive knowledge is shaping a pathway for many pursuing a career in a design discipline. We’re interested in hearing about your mindset; your objectives; and how your vision is transitioning future talent.

You may submit one or more proposals under the following categories:

  • Paper: Review the full criteria for paper submission below. Full papers are to be submitted to help ensure the papers are of the highest quality.
  • Panel Discussion: 30–45 minute lively and diverse panel discussions related to the future of Design Education. Panels that include and appeal to our educator audience as well as professional and student members. 
  • Workshop: For 2019 we're excited to review proposals for 45-minute interactive sessions, demonstrations, games and discussions. 

The submission portal will open for entries on Feb. 1, 2019.

We hope you choose to be part of this dynamic event—drawing experts in industrial design education from around the world—and enrich us with your papers and talks. I look forward to your participation as educators, designers of education and post-graduate students from all over the world.





Raja Schaar, IDSA
Education Director, IDSA Board of Directors
Assistant Professor, Drexel University  


Paper Submission Protocol:

  • You must submit a full paper online.
  • The body of the paper should be blind without any reference to your name, company or school (if selected, a paper with identifying information will be requested).
  • The length of the paper should be between four and eight pages, including an abstract and references.
  • The paper should match the template.
  • The paper should be written in the third person.
  • Once your paper is selected, we will request a well-designed, visual version of the paper for presentation at the symposium.


  • Submitted papers will be considered by a review board.
  • Once the acceptance announcement is made, the author(s) is/are required to submit the following:
    • A “camera ready” paper.
    • An image to be included on idsa.org in the Education Paper Gallery.
    • Specs to come in with acceptance letter.
  • The review board reserves the right to recommend that a paper be presented in an oral session or IDC education track session, at the board’s discretion.

All papers on the topic of designing the education of the future are welcome. We are looking specifically for design relevant topics in the following areas:

  • Scholarly Research
  • Teaching Philosophy
  • Innovative Collaborations
  • Design and Technology
  • Impact Design
  • New Models of Pedagogy
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Design Curriculum
  • K-12 Design Education

Review Criteria for Papers:
Each paper will be reviewed carefully by multiple peer review board members. The review process will assess if the paper is:

  • Significant
    The paper has intellectual merit and impact and is thought-provoking. The conclusions are important, clearly stated and consistent with the observations and the implications for design education and the profession.
  • Forward-moving
    The paper shows observations; techniques and vision that are fresh and forward thinking, challenge existing norms and advance the profession.
  • Relevant
    The subject is relevant to industrial design education and practice, both nationally and internationally.
  • Clear
    The objective is well-defined. Findings and data are stated clearly; logically reported; and build to a sound and relevant conclusion. Methodology and references are cited; research protocol is defensible.​
  • Well-written
    The paper is succinct; well-written and proofread; interesting and easy-to-understand.


Key Deadlines:
Additional important dates and information will follow.

For questions about submission, email Katie Fleger.
For general questions about the IDSA/Eastman Innovation Lab Education Symposium 2019, contact Raja Schaar.

  • Papers must be submitted via an online submission form by Monday, Mar. 25, 2019.
  • Notification of Acceptance of Papers will occur no later than Monday, Apr. 19, 2019.