Dickon Isaacs, IDSA

Dickon Isaacs, IDSA
Design Fellow/VP of Design

Born in St. Ives, England, Dickon Isaacs, IDSA, was influenced and attracted to art and design at an early age. For more than 20 years, he's designed for diverse industries including furniture, luggage, medical, environments, packaging, housewares and consumer electronics in London (FM Design/IDEO), San Francisco (IDEO) and Chicago (IDEO/Motorola Mobility).

This breadth of consultant and corporate experiences—combined with a global view of design—gives Isaacs a rare perspective in creating breakthrough products, experiences and teams. He has shared those experiences with the next generation of design.

As Design Fellow and VP of Design at Intuit, Isaacs leads a future-oriented team in the advanced design and technology group—and helps elevate design impact across the company. Isaacs is a former IDSA International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) winner. In 2016, he served as an IDEA juror.

How Designers Can Build a Bridge to the Future

Across industries, designers are challenged with developing products and experiences that often leverage emergent technologies. Now, there are a multitude of new technologies that require creativity and innovative thinking—such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, immersive media, conversational user interfaces (UI) and more—with the capacity to help solve customer problems in new ways, in the hands of the right team.

Design also bears the responsibility of navigating between future visions and current realities. Design Fellow and VP of Design at Intuit—Dickon Isaacs, IDSA—believes designers can be and often are uniquely equipped with the tools to navigate from “Where we are” to “How do we get there?”—as well as—“Is this some place we want to go?”